Iris E. Dominy

Medical School

Duke University, Durham, NC, 1978

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3506 N. Calvert St., Ste. 110

Baltimore, MD 21218

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Abortionist that Killed Patient Identified - May 29, 2013 One of three Maryland abortionists has license reinstated; two others still under suspension Four Maryland abortion clinics shut down and three doctors suspended for 'lax procedures' after patient dies in care of untrained worker Federal Suit Against Disgraced Abortionist Reveals Dangers of Corners-Cutting Methotrexate Abortions

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes





1989 license application.


Profile for medical license in Washington, DC.

Disciplinary History

Dominy Consent Order

Oct. 15, 2013: Reprimand and Probation ordered after a woman died from lack of monitoring during anesthesia after an abortion. Ordered not to sedate patients until the Board says she can.

Order Terminating Probation

Jan. 2, 2014: Order terminating Dominy's probation that was related to the death of abortion patient Maria Santiago. Restriction on the use of sedation still in place.

Malpractice History


2014 Federal lawsuit alleging botched Methotrexate abortion failed and caused injury to a little boy who was born as a result.


More on 2014 Methotrexate abortion case.

License Restrictions

Suspension Lifted-Restriction

Dominy's Maryland license was restored to active with the restriction that she perform no procedures that require sedation of patients after involvement in a patient death in Feb, 2013.

Documented Death or Injury

911 Transcript - Associates in OB GYN Baltimore - Feb 13, 2013

Maria Santiago, age 38, goes into cardiac arrest and dies after a 12.5 wk abortion performed by Dr. Iris Dominy at Associates in OB/GYN Care in Baltimore.

Iris Dominy - License Suspension - May 29, 2013

The MD Board of Physicians summarily suspends the license of Dr. Iris Dominy, after a patient died from an abortion procedure that Dr. Dominy performed. The Board also found that conditions at the clinic placed patients at serious risk of harm or death.