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Illegal Fetal Age/Viability Deception Scheme Uncovered By Operation Rescue At Tiller’s Abortion Clinic Not Adding Up:  Gov. Sebelius’ Ever-Changing Story About Her Dinner With Abortionist George Tiller And His Abortion Clinic Staff Leaves Ethical Questions Women Tell Of Coerced, Illegal Abortions As KS Governor Continues Abortion Corruption Scandal In Their Own Words:  Women’s Stories Of Coerced, Botched, and Illegal Abortions At Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, KS Tiller Cases Simplified!  Time Line Of Events In Efforts To Bring Tiller To Justice In Memory of Christin Gilbert, 1985-2005 Justice for Christin - An Innocent Victim of a Late-term Abortion Tiller Abortion Patient Transported to Hospital, “No Lights, No Sirens” Ambulance Transports Another Injured Woman From Tiller’s Abortion Mill "They're Liable to Kill Me," Patient Feared During Botched Abortion That Hospitalized Her Ambulance Transports Yet Another Tiller Abortion Patient To Hospital Respected Harvard Psychiatrist Testifies Late-Term Abortions Not Justified Under Kansas Law: full 44-min. video interview of Dr. Paul McHugh and transcript DA Drops Tiller Charges!  OR Says Cronyism Thwarts Justice in Kansas Court Disregards Petition Conditions, Allows Distrusted Prosecutor To Direct Tiller Grand Jury George Tiller Grand Jury Wants Abortion Records From New Attorney General    

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Malpractice History

Justice Aborted

Operation Rescue, 2006. Documentary report on the grand jury investigation of abortionist George Tiller, regarding the death of 19-year-old abortion patient Christin Gilbert.

Criminal History

Tiller Complaint - 6-28-2007

State of Kansas v. George R. Tiller - District Court, Sedgwick County, KS - Complaint, June 28, 2007. Kansas Atty. General Veronica Dersch outlines 19 criminal counts against Tiller for violation of Kansas law. Tiller charged with violating Kansas statutes which prohibit a physician aborting a post-viability fetus without a referral from a second physician who is not legally or financially affiliated with the physician performing the abortion.

Tiller Petition - 12-12-2008

Petition before Kansas Board of Healing Arts, Dec. 12, 2008. Petition detailing 11 counts of violations committed by abortionist George Tiller, pertaining to Kansas abortion statutes.

Misc Documents

Abortion Doctor Says He Sets Up Adoptions - 12-30-1993

The Oklahoman, Dec. 30, 1993. George Tiller admits arranging adoptions only for political allies, abortion supporters. Says, "you've got to be supportive of some of my friends."

Tiller Report II

Operation Rescue, 2006. Biography and documentary report on late-term abortionist George Tiller.

'Bridging the Gap' Abortion Training Symposium, 10-23-2000

"Bridging the Gap Between Abortion Training and Abortion Provision." NAF Symposium, New York City, Oct. 23, 2000. Abortionist George Tiller, MD is symposium participant. See page 3.