Ronald C. Strickler

Abortion Mill

Henry Ford Center for Reproductive Medicine (hospital)

Medical School

University of Toronto Medical School, 1967

Phone Number


1500 W. Big Beaver Road #105

Troy, MI 48084

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Other info

Ronald C. Strickler, staff profile - Henry Ford Health System Dr. Ronald Strickler, office listing - Henry Ford Reproductive Medicine State of MI, medical license verification - Ronald Clayton Strickler State of MI, pharmacy license - Ronald Clayton Strickler Ronald C. Strickler, professional profile - Strickler, Ronald C. - inactive MO medical license (see page 686) Ronald C. Strickler, bio Dr. Strickler admits to performing abortions at his hospital, in the following court document: "As department chair, Dr. Strickler supervises all the obstetrician-gynecologists practicing at Henry Ford Hospital; his approval is necessary for the performance of any induced abortions in his department...  Dr. Strickler performs, supervises, and approves [abortion] procedures that are encompassed by the Act, including suction curettage and induction." Northland Family Planning v. Cox, "Complaint," March 2005, page 8.  See full document below.

Surgery: Yes

Medication: No




Strickler, Ronald - MI Apps

State of Michigan medical application file, Missouri license verification, and curriculum vitae for Ronald C. Strickler.

Misc Documents

Northland Family Planning Clinic v. Cox - Complaint, March 2005

Ronald C. Strickler named in list of plaintiffs. See description of Strickler's abortion activities on page 8.