Carlos G. Baldoceda

Medical School

Universidad Nacional De Trujillo, 1971

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2744 N. Western Ave.

Chicago, IL 60647

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Former abortionist at: American Women's Center - Chicago, IL Former abortionist at: American Women's Center - Des Plaines, IL The Abortion Lottery: Women take chances with 'tryout' doctors Probe of abortion center is likened to Nixon tactics - Chicago Tribune archives Abortion clinic libel suit - Telegraph Herald archives Part of newspaper report fabricated: abortion clinic - Chicago Tribune archives State of IL, license verification - Carlos G. Baldoceda (search by name) Two examples of botched abortions and the aftermath (see story 2) Abortion Clinic: Biogenetics, Chicago - botched abortions and patient fatalities at abortion clinic run by Carlos Baldoceda Dr. Carlos Baldoceda, M.D. - abortion clinic office locations on Kirby v. Jarrett, Appellate Court of IL, Oct. 4, 1989 - Botched abortion patient Yolanda Kirby sues Baldoceda's abortion clinic Onandaga County Debtor's Judgments, Sept. 4, 2013: Debtor's judgment of $217,049 to be paid by Carlos G. Baldoceda, M.D. American Women's Medical Group abortion clinic - Dr. Carlos Baldoceda listed as employee "A Abortion Access Health Center" - Carlos Baldoceda listed as owner Carlos G. Baldoceda, profile and office locations - As of Nov. 2016, Dr. Baldoceda had reportedly retired.

Surgery: Yes

Medication: No





Application for medical license in Illinois.


Application for medical license in Illinois.

Criminal History

Misc Documents

"Pregnant or not, women given abortions"

Chicago Sun-Times, 1978: Investigation reveals shady abortion clinic run by Carlos Baldoceda selling "abortions" to women who are not pregnant.

"The Abortion Lottery - Women take chances with 'tryout' doctors"

Chicago Sun-Times, Nov. 14, 1978: Botched abortions done by Carlos Baldoceda and other abortionists cause deaths, injuries to women. Baldoceda also known to perform abortions while intoxicated.

The Abortion Profiteers

Chicago Sun-Times, Nov. 1978: 46-page journalistic expose on Chicago abortion clinic known for patient injuries, assembly-line abortions, unsanitary conditions, and inexperienced doctors.