Neville Winston Duncan

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1428 N. Farwell Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Abortion: Safe & Legal - Neville Duncan info In 1999, Abortionist Neville W. Duncan was placed on 18 months' probation, sentenced to 30 days in jail and fined $250 after pleading no contest to charges that he beat his wife.  He was also arrested when police found crack cocaine in his pocket.

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes




Duncan, Neville -- Wisconsin medical license profile - two practice locations

Note practice locations in Milwaukee & New Berilin, WI.

Disciplinary History

Neville Duncan - License Surrender NY - Aug 26, 1999

Neville Duncan agrees to surrender permanently his medical license in NY after facing 3 counts of profession misconduct.

Malpractice History

Duncan, Neville -- List of Wisconsin lawsuits

List of numerous lawsuits in Wisconsin involving Neville Duncan. Types of lawsuits vary - some are malpractice suits.

12-27-1997 Malpractice Docket -- Estate of Lolita Clark v. Neville Duncan

The deceased Ms. Clark's estate sues Neville Duncan for malpractice.

Criminal History

Neville Duncan - Public Reprimand - Feb 24, 1999

The WI Medical Examining Board issues Dr. Neville Duncan a public reprimand for possession and abuse of a controlled substance, after Duncan was arrested for beating his wife and using cocaine.

05-09-2016 Judgment for money -- Milwaukee City v. Neville Duncan

Judgment of $9,747.98 against Neville Duncan.

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