William G. Fitzhugh

Abortion Mill

Whole Woman's Health of Charlottesville (Formerly Charlottesville Medical Center for Women)
Peninsula Medical Center for Women
Richmond Medical Center For Women
Roanoke Medical Center for Women

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Virginia Commonwealth University School Of Medicine, 1966

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10758 Jefferson Ave #A

Newport News, VA 23601

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Who are the abortionists in Metro Richmond? VA Board of Medicine, physician profile - William G. Fitzhugh Richmond Medical Center for Women v. Hicks - June 3, 2005 -- Abortionist William Fitzhugh joins lawsuit challenging VA partial-birth abortion ban Abortion Death:

  • Clodfelter, Margaret¬†¬† BW
  • On June 2, 1989, Margaret went to Richmond (VA) Medical Center For Women to have an abortion performed by Dr. William Fitzhugh. After she was dismissed, she started experiencing pain and bleeding, and called the facility about her symptoms. They did not advise her to seek medical care. Two days later, she sought medical treatment at a local hospital and was told that she had a perforated uterus and retained fetal tissue. A D&C was performed to complete the abortion, and due to the infection, a hysterectomy was also necessary. Unfortunately, in spite of all efforts to save her life, Margaret died of the complications of her abortion, leaving her husband and one-year-old son behind. (Richmond City Circuit Court Case No. LU-441-1, Virginia Certificate of Death #89-020384)

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes



Misc Documents

Richmond Medical Center for Women vs. Gilmore - Jul 29, 1998

On pages 4-6, Dr. William Fitzhugh describes his methods to perform the partial-birth abortion procedure.

Carhart v. Ashcroft - Memorandum & Order, 9-8-2004

William G. Fitzhugh, MD is an abortionist and plaintiff in lawsuit over partial-birth abortion ban. Fitzhugh testifies in detail about his abortion methods. See page 91.