Elliott Gellman

Abortion Mill

American Women's Services - Woodbridge
Abortion Center of Englewood - American Women's Services

Medical School

Medical University of South Carolina

Phone Number

800-366-0023 201-843-9280


228 Main St. 200 Grand Ave, Room 101

Woodbridge, Englewood, NJ 07095 07631

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Other info

  • Physician agreed to never activate registration or reapply for a license in New York, 20o9
  • Convicted of tax evasion in New York in 2002.

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes


Disciplinary History

Criminal History

NY Gellman Order

2009 order to modify restrictions that includes information about Gellman's 2002 criminal conviction in NY for repeated failure to file income taxes. Sentenced to a 3-yr. "conditional discharge." (See p. 11)

Misc Documents