Abolghassem M Gohari

Abortion Mill

Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic - College Park
Metropolitan Family Planning Clinic - Suitland

Medical School

Faculty of Medicine University of Teheran

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5915 Greenbelt Rd.

College Park, MD 20740

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Abortion mill website listing types of abortions

  • Board Discipline on December 19, 2012:
  • Reprimand; Fine of $10,000 payable within one year; Probation for a minimum of 1 year with terms and conditions. The Board found that the physician engaged in unprofessional conduct in the practice of medicine, practiced medicine with an unauthorized person or aids an unauthorized person in the practice of medicine and delegated acts to an assistant beyond the scope of delegation.
Previously at Uptown Women's Clinic, with Alan J. Ross, 9061 Shady Grove Ct, Gaithersburg.

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes




Gohari, Abolghassem -- Washington DC medical license application file

License application file, and Gohari's reponses to medical complaints.


Application for medical license in California.

Disciplinary History

Gohari Discipline 12-2012

The MD State Board of Physicians places Gohari under a minimum 1-year probation and $10,000 fine for allowing an unlicensed, unqualified person to do medical abortions and for verbally abusing his patients with profanity and screaming.

2014-01-07 Consent Order -- Gohari off probation

The Maryland State Board of Physicians ends Gohari's probation, effective Jan 7, 2014.

Malpractice History

Abolghassem Gohari - Civil Cases

Documents lists numerous lawsuits against Dr. Gohari for such reasons as: incomplete abortion, bowel laceration, and ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

License Restrictions

Decision of CA Medical Board - Forced Surrender of License

Dec. 20. 2013: Gohari forced to surrender his CA medical license and is not allowed to practice in that state after abusing women at his abortion business in Maryland.

Misc Documents

Gohari, Abolghassem -- 2000-08-16 Case Docket - Miranda v. Dr. Alan Ross

Miranda v. Dr. Alan Ross - Dr. A. M. Gohari is witness for defendant.