Abraham "Alberto" Hodari

Medical School

Universidad De Buenos Aires, Facultad De Ciencias Medicas, Argentina

Phone Number


28505 Southfield Rd.

Southfield, MI 48076

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Other info

Former abortionist at: Womancare of Southfield Former abortionist at: Womancare, Inc. Former NAF abortionist has his abortion closed by state for not being licensed Woman’s Lawsuit: She Yelled Stop, Practitioner Continued With Forced Abortion Forced Abortion, Rape Victim Comes Forward After Abortionist Given Probation Abortionist Hodari Reaffirms That He Lies In News Exposé Close This Clinic: Abortionist’s Trash Reveals Criminal Violations Information about a total of 4 abortion-related patient deaths and numerous law suits against Hodari can be found at VoicesforWomen.org. State of Michigan, license verification (lapsed license) - Abraham Alberto Hodari Named as defendant in over 50 lawsuits

Surgery: No

Medication: No




Malpractice History

Feetham v.RoumellHodariWomanCare

Bloody botched abortion: left baby's head inside women, hemorrhagic shock, uterus was so lacerated that it left patient unable to have children. 2010 case based on 2008 incident.

License Restrictions

Documented Death or Injury


Concerning the abortion-related death of patient Regina Johnson.


Hodari was only fined $10,000 in the abortion-death of Regina Johnson.

Misc Documents