Caroline M. Hoke

Abortion Mill

Planned Parenthood Aurora Health Center
Near North Center-Planned Parenthood
Loop Health Center-Planned Parenthood -- (aka PP of Illinois)

Phone Number

630-585-2350 312-266-1033


3051 E New York Street 1200 N La Salle Dr.

Aurora, Chicago, IL 6050460610

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Other info

Woman dead after 2nd trimester abortion at Chicago Planned Parenthood Planned Parenthood settles suit with state for overbilling Medicaid Medicaid probes PP fees, overbilling by Dr. Hoke Documents Reveal Tonya Reaves Suffered Incomplete Abortion, Perforated Uterus, and Fatal Delay in Emergency Care Access at Hands of Planned Parenthood Autopsy Report Reveals Planned Parenthood’s Negligence Was Responsible for Tonya Reaves’ Death Planned Parenthood supporter appoints Med Chief whose office performs autopsy on black woman after abortion death Medical Examiner Hid Info Showing Planned Parenthood Killed Patient 3 million in Medicaid payments puts Planned Parenthood and doc Caroline Hoke under investigation Caroline M. Hoke, faculty profile - Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine IL physician profile, Caroline Markey Hoke

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes






Illinois Medical License Application

Malpractice History

2009-02-13 Medical Malpractice -- Kathleen Baker case docket - #2009-L-001757

Malpractice lawsuit against defendants including Caroline Hoke, MD.

Documented Death or Injury

Reaves Full Autopsy Report

Autopsy Report shows Tonya Reaves died from three major complications to a botched 2nd trimester abortion. Injuries were survivable if PP had acted quickly to get her emergency care and shared her medical condition with hospital staff. Those delays contributed to her death.