John Harrison Baker

Abortion Mill

Peninsula Medical Center for Women
North Durham Women's Health (formerly "Baker Clinic for Women")

Medical School

University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill School Of Medicine, 1974

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10758 Jefferson Ave. # A

Newport News, VA 23601

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"Woman files suit over botched 1998 abortion" -  Dr. Baker performs abortion, patient suffers perforated uterus, small bowel obstruction John Harrison Baker - VA Board of Medicine medical license profile Who Are The Abortionists In Metro Richmond? Durham abortion clinic owner plans to re-open after closure for rule violations NC Medical Board, medical license profile - John Harrison Baker (see administrative actions) 121 Holdsworth Road, Williamsburg, VA (757) 221-8042 In 2014, the North Carolina Medical Board temporarily banned John Harrison Baker from practicing medicine, due to alcohol abuse.  The Board restored Baker's ability to practice, but barred him from consuming alcohol.  See documents below.

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes



Disciplinary History

Consent Order, NC Medical Board - 10-30-2013

North Carolina Medical Board, Consent Order, Oct. 30, 2013: Disciplinary action for John Harrison Baker by the Board. Baker altered medical records for two abortion procedures at Baker Clinic for Women. Baker altered the records to state that a registered nurse was present for both abortions, even though no doctor or nurse was present as required by law. The Board reprimanded Baker, and fined him $3,500 in addition to other stipulations.

Baker, John Harrison -- 2014-12-08 North Carolina - Amended Consent Order - alcohol abuse

The North Carolina Medical Board barred Baker from practicing medicine in North Carolina, due to alcohol abuse. Baker is now allowed to practice again, but he is prohibited from drinking alcohol. See pages 2-3.

Baker, John Harrison -- 2015-10-19 Virginia Consent Order - reprimand

The Virginia Medical Board reprimands Baker for his alcohol abuse in North Carolina, which resulted in the suspension of this ability to practice medicine in North Carolina.

Baker, John Harrison -- 2015-11-12 State of Virginia letter

Letter to verify John Harrison Baker's compliance with a disciplinary consent order. Baker is given an unrestricted license to practice medicine in Virginia.

Misc Documents

Woman files suit over botched 1998 abortion, 3-24-2000

The Free Lance-Star, Mar. 24, 2000: An abortion patient sues Hillcrest Clinic and abortionist John H. Baker for damages, after a botched abortion procedure left her with a perforated uterus and other internal injuries.