Vikram Kaji

Abortion Mill

American Women's Services - Voorhees

Medical School

Grant Medical College, University of Bombay, India

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600 Summerdale Rd

Voorhees, NJ 08043

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What Will Happen to Brigham’s New Jersey Abortion Clinics Now that His Medical Director’s License Is Revoked?, 1/21/2019

Abortionist with History of Sex Offenses Stops Practicing After Mental Competency Questioned, 8/6/2018

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Brigham’s Transfer Ownership for 7 Abortion Clinics Was A Sham, Says New Jersey Attorney General’s Office Complaint seeks to disallow sex offender from control of Brigham's New Jersey abortion business Brigham transfers NJ abortion clinics to confirmed sex abuser "Woman recounts abortion at Brigham's New Jersey clinic" -- Patient tells harrowing experience of abortion performed by Vikram Kaji "Clinic opens today - abortion available in Erie for first time since 70's" -- Clinic owner Steven Brigham hires convicted sex offender Vikram Kaji as abortionist. Kaji lost his medical license in NY, and was disciplined by the NJ Medical Board and the PA Medical Board for sexually abusing patients. Now works as abortionist at American Women's Services. Former NJ abortion doctor appeals his license revocation, divests from clinics --, 4-2-2015 NJ Attorney General: Abortion doctor unlawfully owns clinics --, 7-1-2015   Dr. Vikram Kaji has a long history of sexually abusing his patients.  Dr. Kaji was professionally disciplined by the State of New Jersey on November 1, 1993, and given a 12-month suspension for sexually abusing three patients and indiscriminately prescribing controlled dangerous substances.  He was disciplined for having sex with one patient in his office, and for performing ‘‘improper’’ rectal and breast exams on two other patients.  According to a consent order, Dr. Kaji knew the woman he had sex with suffered from severe depression, had been sexually abused as a child, and had once been hospitalized for psychiatric problems.  He was also disciplined by the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency on February 22, 1994, and made to surrender his controlled substance license.  He was also disciplined by the State of Pennsylvania on December 23, 1994, and his license was suspended for 36 months.  SOURCE HERE
  • NOTE:  Convicted  Sex Offender (See Criminal History)
  • Formerly worked at: Allentown Medical Services - 800-366-9604 2200 W. Hamilton Ave., Ste. 200, Allentown, PA 18104

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes




Kaji, Vikram H. 01-49-01560 OK

Reinstatement of License -2001

Disciplinary History

Kaji Consent Agreement 4-10-2019

In the 4/10/2019 consent agreement, Kaji agrees to surrender his New Jersey medical license, all prescription pads, and divest himself of 7 American Women's Services abortion clinics within 60 days of the order.

Kaji Administrative Complaint -06162015

June 16, 2015 Administrative Complaint against Kaji alleging that the transfer of ownership to Brigham's American Women's Services New Jersey abortion businesses was a sham. Seeks disciplinary action, including license revocation, and seeks to ban him from acting as medical director.

Malpractice History

O'Connell Case v Brigham, Kaji, et al - Lawsuit

Suit against Brigham and Kaji (to be consolidated later with initial suit.)

O'Connell Case v Brigham, Kaji, et al - Motion to Consolidate

Motion to Consolidate. Initial suit did not include Brigham and Kaji; However, after the deposition of the first suit, the Plaintiff filed a second suit to include them then requested the two suits be consolidated.

O'Connell Case v Brigham, Kaji, et al - Motion of Approval

Motion of Approval for Alternate Service for Brigham (Unable to serve him in previous attempts.)

Criminal History

Kaji, Vikram Hiralal 93-49-03525 OK

License suspended after sexual abuse of 3 patients and improper prescriptions of a Controlled Dangerous Substance.

License Restrictions

Kaji, Vikram H., MD-031218-L, 97-49-03770 OK

Re-suspension of license due to legal violations during probationary period -1997

NJ Consent order 05242013

Failed to discharge his duties as medical director at 5 out of 7 of Brigham's NJ abortion clinics where numerous deficiencies were found. Also suffered a stroke that produced visible mental and physical impairment.

Kaji, Vikram H. 96-49-01044 OK

Stay of license suspension for probationary period - 1996

Kaji Consent Order 05082018

Kaji agrees to stop practicing medicine and serving as medical director for American Women's Services abortion mills in New Jersey, which are controlled by the notorious Steven Chase Brigham.

Misc Documents

Brigham, Steven -- Oct. 4, 2018 After abortions were botched, he lost his NJ medical license - Will his clinics stay open -

Version 2: Copy of article on abortionists Steven Brigham and Vikram Kaji. All pictures and text intact.

2018-10-04 After abortions were botched, he lost his N.J. medical license. Will his clinics stay open? -

Article on abortionists Steven Brigham and Vikram Kaji. PDF version 1: Contains pictures - some text missing.

Woman recounts abortion at Brigham's New Jersey clinic, 9-19-2003. Personal account from one of Vikram Kaji's former abortion patients. See details on Kaji on page 2.

Clinic opens today: abortion available in Erie for first time since 70's, 9-19-2003. Steven Brigham opens a new abortion clinic in Erie, NJ. See page 4 for info on abortionist Vikram Kaji.

Business Searches-Screenshots

Business searches show no evidence of actual transfer of ownership of NJ abortion businesss from Steven Chase Brigham to Kaji.