Jacob Kalo

Abortion Mill

East GYN Women's Center
Womancare Inc.
Women's Center - West Bloomfield

Medical School

Sackler School of Medicine

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15650 E 8 Mile Rd.

Detroit, MI 48205

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Former abortionist at: Womancare of Southfield Former abortionist at: Women's Center of Michigan - Warren Kalo has taken over two clinics for the retired abortionist Alberto Hodari in Sterling Heights and Southfield, MI. MI medical license profile - Jacob Kalo Jacob Kalo, professional profile and practice locations Abortion Doctor Sues City Over Security Gate Dispute Kalo vs. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 6-9-1998 (Kalo appeals tax fraud conviction, loses case) Hutzel Women's Hospital, doctor directory - Jacob Kalo

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes




Kalo, Jacob - Michigan apps

Jacob B. Kalo: Applications to Michigan Dept. of Licensing for controlled substance license, 2-7-13 and 1-29-13. Applications to Michigan Medical Practice Board for medical license in state of Michigan, circa 1977 -1979.

Disciplinary History

2017-04-13 First Superceding Administrative Complaint -- Michigan Medical Board discipline

The Michigan Medical Board files a complaint against Jacob Kalo for negligence in documenting an abortion performed at Western Women's Center in West Bloomfield, MI. See pages 2-3.

2017-05-17 Consent Order with $1000 fine -- Michigan Medical Board discipline

The Michigan Medical Board fines Jacob Kalo $1000 for negligence in documenting an abortion at Western Women's Center in West Bloomfield, MI.

Malpractice History

Cummings vs. Kalo - Apr 1, 2008

Ms. Cummings, age 25, sues Jacob Kalo for negligence in failing to determine an ectopic pregnancy and performing an unnecessary abortion, which resulted in her emergency hospitalization, permanent damage of reproductive organs, and loss of her left fallopian tube.

Criminal History


Conviction on 3 counts of failing to provide the IRS with tax information. Sentenced to 1 yr. probation.

Jacob Kalo vs. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 6-9-1998

June 9, 1998: Jacob Kalo appeals his tax fraud conviction. Kalo loses appeal, as court upholds previous ruling finding him guilty of tax fraud -- including hiding hundreds of thousands of dollars of untaxed earnings in foreign bank accounts, and falsely denying hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest income.

04-30-2014 Sterling Heights Police Dept -- Witness statement, & Request for Warrant

Police Department report. Patient alleges Dr. Jacob Kalo stroked her inner thighs, & threatened to digitally penetrate her.


Police report detailing Kalo's sexual misconduct with a patient.

Misc Documents

Jacob Kalo, - Registration Certificate - In vitro testing with byproduct material, 10-31-1983

Oct. 31, 1983: Jacob Kalo applies for a license from the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission to use byproduct materials for in-vitro clinical or lab testing.

1990-05-24 Complaint -- Darlene Belcastro v. Jacob Kalo

Patient Darlene Belcastro sues Dr. Jacob Kalo to obtain a copy of her medical records, after his office refused to provide them.

Kalo, Jacob - background and botched abortion history

Abortionist Jacob Kalo: Educational background, professional info, and botched abortion and criminal history from multiple document sources