Ronald Edward Kuseski

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14446 E. Evans Ave.

Aurora, CO 80014

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Former abortionist at: Mayfair Women's Center - Aurora Mayfair Women's Center -- Ronald Kuseski was "personally trained" by abortionist James J. Parks, who infamously admitted to using a grinder to dispose of fetuses. See affidavit and deposition below for details. Dr. James J. Parks abortionist profile - Dr. Parks founded Mayfair Women's Center and personally trained current abortionist Ronald Kuseski. Kuseski's abortion clinic, Mayfair Women's Clinic, was out of business as of July 21, 2015.

Surgery: No

Medication: No




Kuseski Colorado license 2019

Colorado medical license for Ronald Edward Kuseski, MD, valid through 04-30-2019. Note Kuseski supervises a physician assistant, who is listed on the license profile.

Kuseski Colorado apps

Colorado medical license application file for Ronald Edward Kuseski.

Disciplinary History

Ronald Kuseski IN colorado

Dec. 1994. Letter of admonition for not properly monitoring a woman during an abortion who went into respiratory distress and suffered brain damage that left her in a "vegetative" state.

1994-12-20 Kuseski Colorado stipulation

Colorado State Board of Medical Examiners -- Stipulation and Final Agency Order - letter of admonition for Ronald Kuseski, MD.

Kuseski discipline list -- Colorado public disciplinary action, refusal of malpractice insurance

Discipline list for Ronald Kuseski in Colorado. Includes a Colorado public disciplinary action and two refusals to renew his malpractice insurance.

Malpractice History

1995-10-11 Copic won't renew malpractice insurance per botched abortion

Letter from Copic Insurance to Ronald Kuseski. The company refuses to renew Kuseski's malpractice insurance after he performed a botched abortion which caused the patient to suffer cardiac arrest and go into a coma.

1996 Kuseski malpractice arbitration

1996 record of malpractice arbitration for Ronald Kuseski.

2001-02-07 Kuseski malpractice insurance refused by Copic

Additional letter from Copic Insurance, refusing to renew Ronald Kuseski's malpractice insurance.

Misc Documents

Affidavit and Deposition Excerpts

Abortionist Curtis Stover files an affidavit against Colorado abortionist James J. Parks for failing to observe medical biohazard procedures in disposing of fetal remains. Parks' methods included flushing fetuses down the toilet, dumping fetal remains out with the garbage. When these methods proved problematic, Parks used a kitchen meat grinder to puree and discard aborted fetuses between 15-22 weeks gestation. In his 1991 deposition, Dr. Parks admits to grinding up fetal tissue. See pages 2-4, & 8.