Joel Wayne Match

Abortion Mill

Hillcrest Clinic

Medical School

Autonomous University of Guadalajara, 1978

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1600 E. Little Creek Rd. # 235

Norfolk, VA 23518

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State of VA, license verification - Joel W. Match, MD (search by name)

Troubled Virginia Abortionist Suspended Over Drug Charges

Order of Summary Suspension, 5-1-2012 -- VA Medical Board suspends medical license for Joel W. Match, MD

VA Medical Board -- License probation lifted for Joel W. Match, MD - 5-2-2013

Non-Abortion Business Address: ALTMED Urgent Care 8714 Sudley Rd Manassas, VA 20110 703-361-4357

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes



Disciplinary History

Summary Suspension Notice 05012012

May 1, 2012: Joel Match notified his medical license was summarily suspended.

MATCH Drug Discipline Docs Washington, DC (2)

Failure to conform to standards of acceptable conduct.

MATCH, Joel MD 05-29-12(1)

Suspension Documents for illegally distributing drugs.

MATCH Drug Discipline Docs Washington, DC (1)

Improper narcotic drug treatment and evaluation of patients A-C and E-I.


Reciprocal discipline based on Virginia Medical Board discipline for illegally prescribing narcotics.


May 1, 2012: Minutes from DPH hearing noting Match's discipline for posing a threat to the public health.

Malpractice History

Lake v. Northern VA Womens Medical - Feb 28, 1997

Abortion patient Tina Lake wins her medical malpractice appeal. Lake alleged that she had suffered permanent physical injury during an abortion performed by Dr. Joel Match in April 1991, in the course of which her uterus and an artery were lacerated.

Lake vs. Northern VA Womens Medical - Oct 22, 1993

Tina Lake sues Dr. Joel Match, Dr. Thomas Gresinger, and Northern Virginia Women's Medical for malpractice after suffering severe bleeding from an abortion procedure performed by Match, resulting in emergency hospitalization and removal of uterus as a life-saving measure.

Tettah v Kim

Patient brings charges against Mi Yong Kim, NOVA Women's Health Clinic, and Dr. Joel Match for negligence, assault and battery, and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

MATCH (Drugs, Malpractice) License Applications Washington, DC

P 22 acknowledges malpractice claims against him PP 25-27 Details of Johnson's malpractice and negligence claim 2004 PP 29-33 Virginia license suspension 2012 PP 34-49 Suspension order for violations in care and treatment of patients A-J, 2012

License Restrictions

Order of Summary Suspension, VA Board of Medicine, 5-1-2012

May 1, 2012: The VA Board of Medicine suspends the medical license for Joel W. Match, MD, pending an investigation into his medical practice. The suspension was later lifted, and Joel Match retained an active VA medical license.

Continuance of Formal Hearing - VA Medical Board, 5-3-2012

May 3, 2012: The Virginia Medical Board grants a continuance of formal hearing to Joel W. Match, MD, in regard to his license suspension.

Joel Match - License Probation - Oct 17, 2012

The VA Board of Medicine places Joel Match under six months probation and permanent license restriction for illegal distribution/prescription of drugs.

VA Medical Board - License probation terminated for Joel W. Match, MD, 5-2-2013

May 2, 2013: Joel W. Match's medical license probation is terminated by the VA medical board.