Mila L. Means

Abortion Mill

Aid for Women

Medical School

University of Kansas Medical Center

Phone Number



720 Central Ave.

Kansas City, KS 66101

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Other info

Bizarre Admissions From Abortionist Means Reveal Lack of Ethics and Morality

Victory: Operation Rescue Successfully Thwarts Abortion’s Return to Wichita, Kansas

Landlord Sues To Block Abortion Plans In Wichita, Kansas

Backgrounds Suggest New Wichita Abortionists Would Be Dangers To The Public

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes



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Disciplinary History

Means Consent Order

In 2007, Means was disciplined for inappropriately treating family members, living-in with a bi-polar patient, and crossing "sexual boundary" lines.

Misc Documents

Foliage v Means TRO

Temporary restraining order issued against Means to block her from doing abortions in her current office because of the disruption it would cause to other businesses.

Discover Bank v Means

Default on large credit card loan