Orrin A. Moore

Abortion Mill

Planned Parenthood Comprehensive Health (aka PP of Kansas & Mid-Missouri, or PP Great Plains)
Wichita Health Center - Planned Parenthood

Medical School

Cornell University Medical College

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4401 W. 109th St.

Overland Park, KS 66211

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Orrin Moore – Convicted by Jury of Wrongful Death of 21-Year-Old Girl After Abortion - Dead Woman's Family Represented by Fitzgerald Law Firm - http://www.lawfitz.com/604000-jury-verdict-failure-to-diagnose-and-treat-amniotic-fluid-embolism-in-patient-after-an-abortion-wrongful-death-of-21-year-old-five-minutes-of-pain-and-suffering The Death of Dawn Mack - Age 21 - New York

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes




Moore KS Application for Reinstatement 2003 Redacted

Pages 4-13 contain 10 cases of malpractice claims or wrongful death claims against Moore, between 1986-2000.

Orrin moore MO profile

Profile for medical license in Missouri.

Moore APPLICATION 1982_Redacted

1982 Kansas medical license application.


2003 Kansas medical license application.

Malpractice History

Criminal History

2007 complaint against PP and Moore

23 Non Person Felonies, 84 Non Person Misdemeanors

License Restrictions

GA expired license

expired 1993

Documented Death or Injury

Misc Documents

Informed Consent form -- PP Great Plains

Informed consent form for PP Great Plains. Lists Irene Bettinger, Ronald Yeomans, Orrin Moore, & Andrew Broselow as abortionists.

KS 24-hour informed consent form -- PP Comprehensive Health

24-hour informed consent form for PP Comprehensive Health abortion clinic. Lists Irene Bettinger, Ronald Yeomans, Andrew Broselow, & Orrin Moore as abortionists.

Moore, Orrin -- 3 civil lawsuits - Johnson County, KS.

Johnson County, KS: List of three civil lawsuits involving Orrin Moore.

MOORE sues in Georgia

1988 plaintiffs and defendants

MOORE as plaintiff wPP Docket

1991-1992 docket from lawsuit by Moore and PP in GA to prevent them from having to comply with parental notification law when minors (underage girls) come for abortions without parental knowledge.

MOORE plaintiff in Kansas case

June 2011 - Moore and PP sue to not have to comply with Kansas law that requires a basic license and health-safety standards for abortion clinics (basic standards like other medical clinics have).

MOORE and PP complaint

June 2013 - Moore and PP sue to request special exemption from Kansas law for all abortion clinics to inform women seeking an abortion of the government's Kansas Right to Know website with information about pregnancy, abortion, options, and state aid.

2016-03-10 Notice of Intent to Terminate Provider

PP Kansas & Mid-Missouri v. Mosier -- Kansas Governor Sam Brownback lists alleged infractions of various providers, and directs KDHE to terminate certain providers including Orrin Moore (see page 51) from participating in KS Medicaid & KanCare. Document also includes a letter to each provider, stating that the provider will be subject to administrative review on a certain date.

2016-05-03 Notice of Decision to Terminate Provider

PP Kansas & Mid-Missouri v. Mosier -- Letter to providers including Orrin Moore (see page 22). After administrative review, the KDHE has decided to terminate the providers' participation in the Kansas Medical Assistance Program (includes Medicaid and KanCare), effective May 10, 2016.

2016-05-04 Affidavit in support of Motion for leave to appear Pro Hac Vice

PP Kansas & Mid-Missouri v. Mosier - court document

2016-05-04 Corporate Disclosure Statement

PP Kansas & Mid-Missouri v. Mosier - court document

2016-06-29 Motion of Dismissal

PP Kansas & Mid-Missouri v. Mosier -- Plaintiffs (including Orrin Moore) dismiss case after KDHE rescinds notices of termination of participation in the Kansas Medical Assistance Program.

2016-08-03 Notice of Appeal

PP Kansas & Mid-Missouri v. Mosier -- The Kansas Dept. of Health & Environment (KDHE) appeals to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit.

2017-08-11 Notice of Withdrawal of Appearance (PP lawyer leaves case)

PP Kansas & Mid-Missouri v. Mosier - court document