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Former abortionist at: Fort Lauderdale Women's Clinic Former abortionist at: Orlando Women's Center Florida Abortionist Pendergraft Indicted By South Carolina Grand Jury on Multiple Drug Charges Florida’s Notorious James Pendergraft Identified as Rolling Abortionist Arrested in South Carolina Orlando Women's Center Reopens - 07/19/2013 Police Raid Pendergraft's Orlando Women's Clinic, Seize Property - 06/13/2013 Exclusive Perspective: Sealed Court Records Show Pattern of Illegal, Third-World Abortion Practices In FL Malpractice Case TYPICAL: Male abortionist blames female abortion patient for botched procedure which landed him a $36 million dollar judgment Abortionist license suspended for fourth time in Florida Florida DOH Recommends Revocation of Abortionist Pendergraft’s License Unlicensed Abortionist Pendergraft Operating Secret Late-term “Fetal Lethal Injection Center” in Washington, DC area, Website Shows Outrage as Florida abortion clinic offers coupons to low-income women offering $50 off on Sundays NC Medical Board, April 2008 -- NC Board disciplines Dr. James Pendergraft after his FL license was suspended for medical and legal violations.  Interim Consent Order stipulates that Pendergraft agree not to practice medicine in NC. See pages 19-20.

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Disciplinary History

Complaint against doctor_1593617_ver1.0

January 14, 2016: State of Florida is attempting to close Pendergraft's four Florida abortion clinics due to his arrest in Oct. 2015 on drug charges in South Carolina.

NC Medical Board, Interim Consent Order, Apr. 2008

The North Carolina Medical Board disciplines Dr. James Pendergraft in response to Pendergraft's license suspension in FL. Pendergraft's FL license was previously suspended for performing third-trimester abortions outside a hospital setting without a concurring physician opinion, and prescribing controlled substances without valid DEA registration. The NC Board offers an Interim Consent Order stipulates that Dr. Pendergraft agree not to practice medicine in NC. See pages 19-20.

James Pendergraft - License Suspension - Apr 19, 2013

Suspension order April 19, 2013, for failure to pay over $122,000 in fines levied by Florida Board of Medicine

Failure to Pay Fines-04202012

Board complaint asking for disciplinary action, including permanent revocation, after Pendergraft failed to pay over $122,000 in fines after his suspension in 2010.

Malpractice History

C.H. v. Whitney, District Court of Appeal of Florida, 5th District, 5-30-2008

May 30, 2008, Synopsis: Abortion patient C.H. sued abortionists Randall B. Whitney, James S. Pendergraft, and Orlando Women's Center for malpractice and gross negligence after her botched abortion at Orlando Women's Center. Because of the botched abortion, C.H.'s baby was born prematurely, and suffered permanent physical and mental injuries, disability, and disfigurement. In this decision, the FL Appeals Court ruled in favor of the botched abortion patient.

Complaint-CH v Pendergraft-$36.7 Million Judgement

The 20-year-old mother sues Randall Whitney, James Pendergraft, and Orlando Women's Center for negligence and malpractice in directing unlicensed staff to perform an abortion, which resulted in a botched procedure, premature delivery, and permanent injuries to her baby.

License Restrictions

Misc Documents

James Pendergraft - Judgement Lien - Sep 23, 2011

Documentation of a $11,880,000 judgement lien against Dr. Pendergraft