Harley Myron Blank

Abortion Mill

Founder's Women's Health Center
May work at new abortion clinic; see info at right.

Medical School

Ohio State University College of Medicine, Jun 1964

Phone Number


Columbus, OH

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Other info

Former abortionist at: Founder's Women's Health Center (Columbus, OH) May work at new abortion clinic: Your Choice Healthcare (Columbus, OH)  

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes




Founder's Women's Health Center -- 2014 Biennial Corporation Report

Biennial Corporation filing for Founder's Women's Health Center abortion clinic, aka "Downtown Gynecologists." Shareholders/directors include Harley Blank, MD, Karl Schaeffer, MD, and Robert Chosy, MD.


Profile for medical license in Ohio.

Founder's Women's Health Center -- 2017 Ohio clinic license renewal

2017 clinic license renewal application -- Harley Blank, Medical Director

Malpractice History

2015-04-14 Hinton v. Downtown Gynecologists et al - dismissed

Malpractice case is dismissed with prejudice.

2013 Hinton v. Downtown Gynecologists & Harley Blank -- Complaint

Botched abortion patient Lacresha Hinton sues Downtown Gynecology (aka Founder's Women's Health Center) and abortionist Harley Blank. Blank performed a "fake" abortion on Ms. Hinton when she was actually pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy. The patient suffered a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, and required emergency surgery to remove both fallopian tubes and parts of her ovaries. She was left permanently sterile as a result of the "fake" botched abortion. See pages 2-4.


Dec. 2013 suit alleges that Blank failed to diagnose ectopic pregnancy and did an abortion on her anyway. She suffered a ruptured uterus and can not bear another child.

Criminal History

Harley Blank -- lawsuit list in Franklin County

List of multiple lawsuits filed against Harley Blank in Franklin County court.

Misc Documents