Harley Myron Blank

Abortion Mill

May work at new abortion clinic; see info at right.

Medical School

Ohio State University College of Medicine, Jun 1964

Phone Number


Columbus, OH

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Other info

Former abortionist at: Founder's Women's Health Center (Columbus, OH) May work at new abortion clinic: Your Choice Healthcare (Columbus, OH)  

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes




Founder's Women's Health Center -- 2017 Ohio clinic license renewal

2017 clinic license renewal application -- Harley Blank, Medical Director

Founder's Women's Health Center -- 2014 Biennial Corporation Report

Biennial Corporation filing for Founder's Women's Health Center abortion clinic, aka "Downtown Gynecologists." Shareholders/directors include Harley Blank, MD, Karl Schaeffer, MD, and Robert Chosy, MD.


Profile for medical license in Ohio.

Malpractice History


Dec. 2013 suit alleges that Blank failed to diagnose ectopic pregnancy and did an abortion on her anyway. She suffered a ruptured uterus and can not bear another child.

2015-04-14 Hinton v. Downtown Gynecologists et al - dismissed

Malpractice case is dismissed with prejudice.

2013 Hinton v. Downtown Gynecologists & Harley Blank -- Complaint

Botched abortion patient Lacresha Hinton sues Downtown Gynecology (aka Founder's Women's Health Center) and abortionist Harley Blank. Blank performed a "fake" abortion on Ms. Hinton when she was actually pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy. The patient suffered a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, and required emergency surgery to remove both fallopian tubes and parts of her ovaries. She was left permanently sterile as a result of the "fake" botched abortion. See pages 2-4.

Criminal History

Harley Blank -- lawsuit list in Franklin County

List of multiple lawsuits filed against Harley Blank in Franklin County court.

Misc Documents