Josepha Seletz

Abortion Mill

Pro-Choice Medical Center aka Sinai Medical Center

Medical School

Temple University School of Medicine

Phone Number

310-247-8745 or 310-247-0553


99 N La Cienega Blvd, #303

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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Other info

Pattern of Botched Abortions Plague “Abortionist to the Stars”, July 16, 2018

911 Redactions Cover Up Serious Medical Emergency at “Abortionist to the Stars” Clinic, June 7, 2018

“Abortionist to the Stars” Botches TWO Late Term Abortions During 911 Emergencies in 2017, Records Show, December 11, 2017

Five Places Where You Can Get a 9th Month Abortion NOW! October 21, 2016

Late-term abortionist Josepha Seletz admits medical abortions unsafe, refers RU486 patients to abortionist with previous botched abortion record (see section on "medical abortion") "California Medical Board admits allowing troubled doctor to monitor another" - Abortionists Dotson and Seletz paid $1 million settlement for death of mother in botched abortion case Clinic closes that invented partial-birth abortion Former abortionist at: Eve Surgical Center (Pro-Choice Med Center)  

Surgery: Yes

Medication: No





Seletz, Josepha Inez - Penn apps part 1

Part 1 -- Pennsylvania medical application documents for Josepha Inez Seletz, MD. Date redacted.

Seletz, Josepha Inez - Penn apps part 2

Part 2 -- Pennsylvania medical license application documents for Josepha Inez Seletz, MD. Date illegible/redacted.


Application for medical license in Arizona.


Profile for medical license in Arizona.

Documented Death or Injury

Pro-Choice Medical Center -- 911 calls, July 2018

July 2018: 911 calls from Pro-Choice Medical Center abortion clinic, where Josepha Seletz is the abortionist.

Misc Documents

2017-01-03 Medical Waste Certificate

Waste certificate for "Center for Reproductive Health and Gyn" at 2625 W. Alameda Ave #311, Burbank, CA 91505

2006-06-14 - Shevin v. Eve Surgical Center

Case summary; Josepha Seletz is a defendant.

Seletz, Josepha - 2009-07-31

CA corporation 2009 filing - Josepha Seletz, MD, Inc.

Seletz, Josepha - 2016-12-23

CA corporation filing history - Josepha Seletz, MD, Inc.

Seletz, Josepha - Pro-choice Medical Center

California Medical Board FICTIOUS NAME PERMITS thru 2011.

Maclennan, Robert Alexander licenses

Nurse anesthesist licenses for Robert Alexander Maclennan.

Seletz, Josepha - Pro-Choice Medical Center employees

Info from website, with employee names including nurse anesthetist Rob MacLennan.

Pro-choice Medical Center -- Josepha Seletz, MD - "Late-term abortion specialist"

Abortion clinic website on May 27, 2018, listing abortionist Josepha Seletz as a "late-term abortionist specialist."