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Irony of the Day: Michigan Abortionist is Coaching Team Headed to the Little League World Series, August 13, 2018

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Michigan medical license & disciplinary history - Reginald D. Sharpe, DO -- valid through 12-31-2018

Medical license and long list of disciplinary documents in Michigan.

Disciplinary History

sharpe admin complaint 2005

Medical Board disciplinary complaint related to nightmare abortion alleges Sharpe's incompetence, gross negligence, and failure to maintain high moral turpitude.


2016 Administrative Complaint that resulted in $15,000 fine, probation, and other restrictions after seriously botching late-term abortions on five women.

sharpe check for 15000

Copy of check showing Sharpe paid a $15,000 fine for negligent abortions on 5 women.

SHARPE DISC PROBATION received jan 30 2018

Details related to Sharpe's probationary requirements for negligent abortions on 5 women.

Reginald Sharpe Investigation AG

Investigative notes into Sharpe and other abortionists.

Reginald Sharpe - Consent Order - Jun 9, 2005

The State of Michigan issues a 120-day suspension of Dr. Reginald Sharpe's medical license, places Dr. Sharpe under a 1-year probationary period, and fines him $5,000 for multiple violations of the Public Health Code.

Reginald Sharpe - Summary Suspension - Mar 31, 2005

The MI Dept of Community Health issues the immediate suspension of Dr. Reginald Sharpe's medical license, after finding that the public health, safety, or welfare required emergency action.

Reginald Sharpe - Administrative Complaint - Mar 30, 2005

The MI Dept of Community Health files an administrative complaint against Dr. Reginald Sharpe for negligence, incompetence, and lack of good moral character, after Dr. Sharpe botched a 27-week abortion, left the facility for 3 hours while the woman bled and screamed in pain, and demanded that EMS personnel not take the victim to the hospital.

Reginald Sharpe - License Probation - Dec 3, 1998

The MI Dept of Consumer & Industry Services places Dr. Sharpe under probation for one (1) year and issues him a $2,500 fine, for violations of state drug laws.

Reginald Sharpe - Administrative Complaint - Jul 29, 1998

The MI Dept of Consumer & Industry Services files an administrative complaint against Dr. Reginald Sharpe for violating state drug laws in allowing unauthorized personnel to administer controlled substances to patients.

Malpractice History

RS Sharpe Pickens Summit Somerville Lawsuit

Malpractice suit filed November 24, 2015. Horrifically botched abortion.

carr alexander complaint 2015

Malpractice suit filed Aug. 31, 2015 against abortionists Byrd-Carr, Sharpe, Pickens, and Summit Botched abortion with uterine perforation, bowel perforation, bladder injury requiring resection, etc. Patient experienced pain and altered lifestyle due to injuries.

Documented Death or Injury

Michigan Board of Osteopathic Medicine - 2016 Complaint - 2017 Consent Order & Stipulation - details on five botched abortions, p. 9-15

The State of Michigan files charges against abortionist Reginald Sharpe for five botched abortions including a patient fatality. The Board disciplines him accordingly. Botched abortion injuries include uterine perforations, post-operative hemorrhage, fetal tissue left in the patient, and a patient death. See abortion details on pages 9-15.


Abortion patient died of uterine perforation and complications on January 19, 2008.

Misc Documents

Michigan - Abortion Clinic Abuses - Mar 2012

Document includes cases of Medical Board Disciplinary action against Reginald Sharpe for negligence, violation of Public Health Code, incompetence, and lack of good moral character.