Thomas H. Tvedten

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Little Rock Family Planning Services

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4 Office Park Dr.

Little Rock, AR 72211

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Tvedten's blog concerning 911 conspiracies ABORTION PHYSICIAN NAMED IN JACKSON WOMAN'S SUIT - article synopsis, Mississippi Sun-Herald, June 22, 1995 AR State Medical Board - Thomas Harold Tvedten, M.D., medical license info Thomas Tvedten featured member of 9/11 conspiracy group - "Medical Professionals for 9/11 truth" Arkansas Abortion-Limit Challenge Speeds National Fight Judge temporarily delays 12-week abortion law in Arkansas Little Rock Family Planning Services v. Jegley - Sept. 24, 1999 -- Tvedten joins lawsuit over partial-birth abortion ban

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes





Thomas Tvedten AR Profile (as of 2012)

Profile for medical license in Arkansas.

Little Rock Family Planning Services, PLLC -- 2009 corporate filing - State of Arkansas

Abortionist Thomas Harold Tvedten, MD, is the registered agent.

Thomas tveldten ar profile

Profile for medical license in Arkansas.

Disciplinary History


Board minutes noting Tvedten's discipline for improperly administering drugs to patients on demand.

Malpractice History

Tvedten, Thomas - Brief in Support of Motion for Summary Judgement - 7-22-2009

Brief filed by Thomas Tvedten - Circuit Court of Pulaski County, Arkansas, July 22, 2009: Tvedten had performed a botched abortion and perforated the patient's uterus. The patient subsequently required an emergency hysterectomy, and sued Tvedten for medical malpractice. In this brief, Tvedten argues against the plaintiff's position, seeking to prove he was not medically negligent.

Misc Documents

Thomas Tvedten lawsuit - 8-30-95 - Supreme Court of MS - abortion regulations in MS

Supreme Court of MS, court decision, Aug. 30, 1995 - Court upholds parental consent and informed consent abortion law, rules against Thomas Tvedten and other abortionists.

Little Rock Family Planning Services v. Jegley, 9-24-1999

Abortionist Tom Tvedten joins lawsuit challenging partial-birth abortion ban in AR. See info on page 3.