Dezra White

Abortion Mill

Northpark Medical Group (affiliated with Aaron's Women's Clinic)
Aaron's Women's Clinic
Crescent City Women's Center, Dr. White

Medical School

University of Texas medical Branch-Galveston

Phone Number



2101 Crawford St. # 312

Houston, TX 77002

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Other info

Board found White failed to safeguard against complications and failed to keep accurate medical records

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes



Disciplinary History


Failed to keep adequate medical records, failed to properly monitor one pregnant patient after 23 weeks resulting in a dead baby at 35 weeks,

Corrective Order-08262011

Terminated patient care without adequate notice. Board ordered him to take continuing education classes.


Ordered to pay $10,000 and issued a public reprimand for altering patient medical records (blood pressure readings) after a patient pregnant with twins suffered eclampsia. Both babies died and woman suffered brain damage. A Malpractice suit filed in this case awarded plaintiff $900,000.


Failed to adequately monitor a pregnant patient or make standard notations in her records. Baby died shortly after birth. Ordered to submit to Board monitoring.