Ronald N. Yeomans

Abortion Mill

Planned Parenthood Comprehensive Health (aka PP of Kansas & Mid-Missouri, or PP Great Plains)
Wichita Health Center - Planned Parenthood
Midtown Health Center Planned Parenthood (KC MO)

Medical School

University of Kansas Medical Center

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4401 W. 109th St.

Overland Park, KS 66211

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Former abortionist at: Indianapolis Women's Center Former abortionist at: Aid for Women Returned to work with Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri (left retirement)  Retired; closed clinic Report: Leaked Documents Show Private Medical Records Illegally Dumped By Kansas Abortion Clinic Kansas Attorney General Asked to Reopen Kline’s Investigation Into Non-reporting of Child Sex Abuse by Abortion Clinic After Document Leak

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes






Kansas medical license profile (full length) for Ronald N. Yeomans, as of Sept. 2017.


Expired Arizona medical license profile for Ronald N. Yeomans.

Yeomans Kansas profile - short summary

Summary of current Kansas medical license profile (as of 2017) for Ronald N. Yeomans.


Expired/inactive Ohio medical license profile for Ronald Norman Yeomans.

Yeomans West Virginia profile (expired)

Expired West Virginia medical license profile for Ronald Norman Yeomans.

Malpractice History

1979 Yeomans malpractice settlements

Two malpractice settlements for Ronald Yeomans dating from 1979.

Criminal History

Misc Documents

Yeomans, Ronald - States licensed 2

Ronald Yeomans has held medical licenses in multiple states, including: AZ, IN, KS, MO, OH, and WV.

Yeomans, Ronald - States licensed 1

Ronald Yeomans has held medical licenses in multiple states, including: MO, AZ, WV, TN, and OH.

2016-11-30 Comprehensive Health of PP Great Plains et al v. Lyskowski

PP sues the State of Missouri over abortion regulations. Plaintiffs include Reproductive Health Services PP of the St. Louis Region, and abortionist Ronald Yeomans.

yeomans in hodes case complaint

June 2011 --- Yeomans sues to prevent legislation that would provide basic licensing and health/safety standards at abortion clinics in Kansas. The clinic where Yeomans works contends that they would be forced to shut down if they needed a license and some safety standards (which apply to other medical facilities to prevent emergencies and complications) and therefore should not have to be under any safety requirements. Thus, women and girls who go to Yeomans' clinic are vulnerable to unlicensed facilities with no safety standards for healthcare or treatment or equipment.

yeomans in hodes case amended intervenor complaint

July 2011 - Yeomans contends that renovations to the clinic where he does abortions will be "costly" and therefore they should not have to rennovate in order to ensure safe conditions.

KS Informed Consent form -- PP Great Plains

Informed Consent form for PP Comprehensive Health. Lists abortionists Irene Bettinger, Ronald Yeomans, Orrin Moore, Andrew Broselow.

KS 24-hour informed consent form -- PP Great Plains

24-hour informed consent form for PP Comprehensive Health abortion clinic. Lists Irene Bettinger, Ronald Yeomans, Andrew Broselow, & Orrin Moore as abortionists.

Report-Leaked Documents Show Private Medical Records Illegally Dumped By Kansas Abortion Clinic

Report from Operation Rescue featuring redacted images of a sampling of the records improperly dumped at Central Family Medical )also known as Aid for Women.