Gerald Zupnick

Abortion Mill

Margaret Sanger Center-Planned Parenthood

Medical School

University of Louisville, June 1968

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26 Bleecker St.

New York, NY 10012

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Abortionist Zupnick faces multiple lawsuits from injured patients

Surgery: Yes

Medication: No



Malpractice History

Richards vs. PP New York City - Complaint - Feb 2005

Anneicia Richards sues Dr. Gerald Zupnick and Planned Parenthood for failing to diagnose an ectopic or tubal pregnancy before performing an abortion on April 3, 2004, thereby causing her to sustain serious injuries.

Abortionist Gerald Zupnick-Malpractice-RealChoiceBlog

Medical malpractice cases against Zupnick dating back to 1978 from

2013-08-11 Complaint -- Owens v. PP of New York city, Gerald Zupnick et al

On April 11, 2009, 17-year-old Roselle Owens went to the Margaret Sanger Center PP in NY for an abortion. Roselle experienced breathing complications and oxygen deprivation from the abortion, but the clinic and abortionist Gerald Zupnick did not treat her complications in time to save her life. Precious minutes ticked by as Roselle struggled to breathe. Forty-five minutes later, Roselle was finally transported to a hospital where she was put on a respirator and eventually died. Roselle's brother, Thurman Owens, sued PP of New York City and abortionist Gerald Zupnick for his sister's unnecessary death. See pages 3, 6-7, & 9.

2016-03-17 Stipulation of Discontinuance - Owens v. PP of New York City, Gerald Zupnick et al

Planned Parenthood of New York City settles/is dropped from the malpractice lawsuit for the botched abortion death of Roselle Owens.

Documented Death or Injury


2009 complaint against Planned Parenthood of New York (26 Bleecker St) and abortionist Gerald Zupnick alleging malpractice and wrongful death of Roselle Owens, 17, who died of hypoxia two months after her abortion at Planned Parenthood left her brain damaged and on a respirator. Alleges negligence. Improper monitoring.


7/21/2016, case discontinued against Planned Parenthood. likely due to a settlement agreement that required the discontinuance of the case prior to official settlement.

2015-07-21 Stipulation of Discontinuance (Gerald Zupnick settles) -- Owens estate v. PP of NYC et al

Thurman Owens sues on behalf of the deceased plaintiff Roselle Owens. Defendants included PP of New York City and abortionist Gerald Zupnick, MD. The plaintiffs reach a settlement with Dr. Zupnick and he is dropped from the lawsuit.