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Sophie McCoy - Teen mother dead after Abu Hayat botches abortion

Cemetery of Choice - Teen mom dies from botched abortion, 1-year-old left motherless

Prison Term for Doctor Convicted in Abortions

7 More Patients Accuse Doctor of Botching Their Abortions - New York Times, 11-21-1991

East Village Doctor Convicted of Performing Illegal Abortion - New York Times, 2-23-1993

Abortion butcher is guilty - Daily Gazette, 2-23-1993

Ana Rosa, a child who survived abortion

This month in history -- Archive for Ana Rosa Rodriguez

In February of 1993, New York abortion doc. Abu Hayat was convicted of performing an illegal third trimester abortion in which he ripped the child’s arm from its body in the abortion attempt. The child was later born alive and has recovered with just one arm. In addition to the above occurrence Dr. Hayat, (an individual member of the National Abortion Federation) was cited by the Medical Board for refusing to complete an abortion on a patient after he demanded an additional payment of $500. The woman left the abortion clinic bleeding and with an incomplete abortion when she told Hayat she could not pay the extra $500. (SOURCE: New York Times 2/23/93, New York Department of Health and Professional Conduct, and New York Times 1/22/91.)

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hayat2 Ana Rosa Rodriguez, 16 months old Hayat, Abu 1 BotchedAbortionVictimanarosarodriguez Abortion 'butcher' is guilty-NYC doctor blamed for maiming baby - The Daily Gazete, 2-23-1993 Doctor accused of severing arm of fetus in abortion is convicted - Reading Eagle, 2-23-1993 Mother plans to tell daugher of botched abortion attempt - Ocala Star-Banner, 2-25-1993 Hayat, Abu - Abortion butcher is guilty, 2-23-1993 Hayat, Abu - Abortion butcher is guilty - 2 Hayat, Abu - Court conviction



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