Allen S. Palmer

Abortion Mill

Whole Women's Health of Peoria (Formerly National Health Care)
Planned Parenthood Comprehensive Hlth.
South Wind Women's Center

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5107 E. Kellogg

Wichita, KS 67218

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Allen Palmer is still actively killing babies at Planned Parenthood, WWH, and South Wind. Allen S. Palmer, Missouri license verification and disciplinary history - Palmer was placed on probation for 5 years due to a felony conviction for Federal Income Tax evasion Former felon and abortionist Allen Palmer retires from butchering babies and women. Bridgeton abortion doctor retires, closes business Abortion Practitioner Allen Palmer of St. Louis, Missouri Retires Planned Parenthood Association of Kansas City, Inc. v. Ashcroft, July 8, 1981 - Planned Parenthood, Allen S. Palmer, and other plaintiffs sue the attorney general of Missouri over abortion regulations in Missouri. Abortion Center in Illinois Hit With Second Botched Abortion Lawsuit in Weeks Dr. Allen Palmer v. Jane Drummond, et al., Dec. 12, 2008 - Abortionist Allen Palmer sues over Missouri legislation regulating abortion clinics.

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes





Profile for medical license in Arizona. (Expired)

Palmer KS PROTOCOL - Gates 2013

Paperwork for his physician's assistant at South Wind in Wichita, KS.

Allen Palmer IL Profile (Expired)

Profile for medical license in Illinois.


Profile for medical license in Nevada.


Profile for medical license in Illinois.

KS 05-33326_2012CMEAudit_Redacted

Kansas Board of Healing Arts 2012 Audit of Palmer's license to ensure compliance with continuing education requirements.


Palmer's Kansas Medical License Application. Indicates he was born in 1939.

Palmer RNWL 2013-14_Redacted

KS license renewal shows Palmer estimating that he will work 4 hours per week and see 9 patients per week at this abortion clinic. He estimates he will work there 14 weeks per year during 2013-2014.

Palmer RNWL 2012-13_Redacted

KS license renewal shows Palmer working at Planned Parenthood in Overland Park, KS, seeing 25 patients per week during a 6 hour work week there. He worked at this PP abortion clinic an average of 15 weeks per year during 2012-2013.

Palmer RNWL 2011-12_Redacted

KS License renewal shows Palmer worked at Planned Parenthood in Overland Park doing about 30 abortions per week, 20 weeks per year during 2011-2012.

Disciplinary History

Palmer, Allen S. - Medical License Probation, 1-30-1981

Jan. 30, 1981, State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts - Palmer's medical license placed on probation for 5 years, from Jan. 1981 through Jan. 1986. Registration Board required Palmer to provide 180 hours per year of free charitable medical services, for a total of five years, in lieu of surrendering his medical license.

Palmer PETITION 05-15-17_Redacted

May 15, 2017, disciplinary petition filed by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts for failing to retain tissue from an abortion on a 13 year old girl and submit tissue to the KBI as required by law. The abortion took place in 2014 at Planned Parenthood in Overland Park, KS.


1992: Disciplined by Illinois due to a criminal conviction related to filing a false corporate tax return in Missouri.

r_Palmer Final Order 06-27-08

2008: KS Board of Healing Arts lists Palmer's lengthy history of out-of-state disciplinary action and a felony conviction, all grounds for denial of license. However, Ex. Dir. Larry Buening signs order during Sebelius Administration to license him in Kansas despite his horrific record.

Malpractice History


List of lawsuits in Missouri.

Misc Documents

Palmer Final Order 06-27-08 KS Board of Medicine

In this document, it shows Palmer answered "yes" to disciplinary questions (redacted from applications), he was convicted of felony tax evasion and sent to prison, he had a malpractice case against him, and he has been fined or put on probation in other states.

Palmer PROTOCOL Gates 2013

Palmer was initially listed as supervising physician for Physician's Assistant Ann Gates at Women's Health Clinic, aka South Wind Women's Center in Wichita, KS. His name was hastily scratched out and the name "Cheryl Chastine," a known South Wind abortionist, was written in.

South Wind Women's Center - Final-24-Hour-Informed-Consent

Patient informed consent form - Allen S. Palmer, D.O., listed as an abortionist.