John Gilbert Buckmaster

Abortion Mill

Lovejoy Surgicenter

Medical School

Oregon Health & Science University

Phone Number



933 NW 25th St.

Portland, OR 97210

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Other info

Also licensed in Washington. Pervert who sexually assaulted and sexually harrassed patients.

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes





Application for medical license in Washington.

Disciplinary History

John Buckmaster Order Dismissing Stipulated Order

Reinstatement of license after stipulation concluded. 1995

John Buckmaster Stipulated Order

License restored with the stipulation that Buckmaster report with the Medical Board for regarding treatment for his relapsing substance abuse and addiction, and requiring that a female staff member be present whenever he sees a female patient. 1995

Malpractice History

John G Buckmaster, MD Malpractice Reports

2004 malpractice - Infections/injury after procedure 2004 malpractice - Complications requiring hospitalization 1992 malpractice - Alleged diagnosis 1988 malpractice - Infection after procedure

Criminal History

Buckmaster sued

He was co-defendant in a lawsuit entitled "Bennet-Cullinan v Emmanuel"

Buckmaster v John & Grace Hummasti case

Findings and recommendation to dismiss

Buckmaster v John & Grace Hummasti case

John Hummasti's affidavit

Buckmaster v John & Grace Hummasti case

Plaintiff's reponse to defendant's reply

Buckmaster v John & Grace Hummasti case

Memorandum in support of defendant Oregon Health & Science University's motion to dismiss pursuant to FRCP 12(b)(1), 12(b)(5)

Buckmaster v John & Grace Hummasti case

Plaintiff's reply to defendants reponse requesting sanctions

Buckmaster v John & Grace Hummasti case

Application to proceed without prepayment of fees and affidavit

License Restrictions

John Buckmaster Emergency Suspension Order

Emergency suspension of license for having sexual conduct with a female patient. 1994

buckmaster emergency suspension (1)

Buckmaster was engaged in unprofessional conduct with a female patient and has his license emergency suspended since he is a danger to his patients.

Misc Documents