Carmen Landau

Abortion Mill

Southwestern Women's Options (aka Abortion Acceptance of New Mexico)

Medical School

Escuela Latino Americana de Medicina, Cuba, Jul 2007

Phone Number



522 Lomas Blvd NE

Albuquerque, NM 87102

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Other info

Abortionist Landau receives medical training in Communist Cuba   Abortion doctor compares killing 24-week baby to flu shot

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes





Landau, Carmen -- Curtis Boyd MD PC - 2012 New Mexico Medicaid provider agreement

Medicaid provider agreement; Carmen Landau works for Curtis Boyd MD PC.


NM medical license application file for Carmen Switzer Landau.

Malpractice History

2016-11-30 Duran v. Boyd -- Complaint

Complaint filed Nov. 11, 2016. -- Patient Jessica Duran files suit against Southwestern Women's Options abortion clinic and abortionists Curtis Boyd, Shelley Sella, and Carmen Landau. Details given in document.

08-01-2018 Atkins v. Boyd lawsuit -- case docket & defendants list

Defendants include: Curtis Boyd, Carmen Landau, Shannon Carr, Univ of NM, Lisa Hofler, Lily Baydat, Brenda Pereda, & Lauren Dvorscak.


Patient Jessica Duran sues clinic abortionists Curtis Boyd, Shelley Sella, and Carmen Landau. Case history and list of court documents. Original complaint filed 11-30-2016.

Abortion clinic sued over disclosure of fetal remains research

-- Albuquerque Journal, 12-05-2016. Patient Jessica Duran sues abortionist Curtis Boyd and the Southwestern Women's Options clinic for failing to disclose that her aborted baby would be used for experimentation by the University of New Mexico. See pages 1 & 3.

2019-06-19 Complaint -- Nichole Atkins v. Curtis Boyd, Southwestern Women's Options, Shelly Sella

Patient Nichole Atkins sues the clinic and abortionists for malpractice & unfair trade practices. In December 2010, Nichole Atkins went to Southwestern Women's Options for an abortion, where she was treated by abortionist Carmen Landau. The clinic had Nichole sign ONE consent form for both the abortion AND to use her baby for fetal experimentation. The clinic did not tell Nichole that they stored the aborted baby parts in a freezer at the clinic, and that the baby parts were used for research experiments at the University of New Mexico. They did not tell Nichole that they were ALSO going to use her personal info in a research study. The clinic did not inform Nichole of this, or give her an option to opt-out of the research, the fetal tissue donation, or give her any assurance of personal privacy. At the time of her abortion, Nichole was 17 weeks gestation, and Dr. Curtis Boyd's office estimated the baby's length at 23 centimeters. The abortionist botched the abortion and lacerated Nichole's cervix. The clinic didn't inform Nichole of the injuries or repair them. Nichole experienced "extreme pain" and eventually required a hysterectomy, rendering her unable to bear children. See pages 2, 4, & 5-7.