Nancy L. Stanwood

Abortion Mill

Yale Family Planning

Medical School

Univ. of PA Medical School, 1995

Phone Number


40 Temple St

New Haven, CT 06510

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State of CT, license verification - Nancy L. Stanwood State of NY, license verification - Nancy Love Stanwood Yale Family Planning does "genetic" abortions through 21 weeks gestation - Dr. Nancy Stanwood, director Dr. Nancy Stanwood, abortionist quote - Physicians for Reproductive Health Dr. Nancy Stanwood, profile - Physicians for Reproductive Health Interview with abortionist Dr. Nancy Stanwood - "Ask Another Abortion Provider" - Jan. 23, 2012 Yale Family Planning, bio - Dr. Nancy L. Stanwood Yale Family Planning - Clinic offers "surgical treatments for undesired or abnormal pregnancy" Yale School of Medicine, profile - Nancy L. Stanwood, M.D. Yale Medical Group, profile - Nancy L. Stanwood, M.D. Nancy L. Stanwood M.D., office listings - Nancy Stanwood, M.D., credentials - Nancy L. Stanwood, NY office listing Physicians for Reproductive Health -- Dr. Nancy Stanwood, abortionist quote (See end of page) “I became a mother seven months ago. By giving birth, I feel I made a solemn promise. I will be responsible for... this beautiful little creature for the next 18 years and beyond. I will put her needs first... I will make sacrifices for her. This is the promise we celebrate on Mother’s Day. Many women keep this promise by having abortions.”  -- Abortionist Nancy Stanwood, MD, “In the Shadow of Mother’s Day,” Salon Magazine, May. 10, 2008

Surgery: Yes

Medication: No



Dr. Nancy Stanwood admits to being an abortionist. See video at 1:00.




Application for medical license in Connecticut.