Nikki Colodny

Abortion Mill

New Haven Center-Planned Parenthood -- (PP of Southern New England)
Stamford-Planned Parenthood
Margaret Sanger Center-Planned Parenthood

Medical School

Temple University School of Medicine, 1981

Phone Number


26 Bleecker St.

New York, NY 10012

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Other info

State of NY, license verification - Nikki Colodny State of CT, license verification - Nikki Colodny Former abortionist at: Early Options/ Women and Family Health (Brooklyn) Planned Parenthood New York, staff listing including Dr. Colodny - Planned Parenthood of Stamford, CT, staff listing for Nikki Colodny - Nikki Colodny, office listings at three abortion clinics including Planned Parenthood New Haven - Nikki Colodny, office location at Stamford, CT Planned Parenthood - Nikki Colodny listed at Early Options abortion clinic in Brooklyn, NY, and Planned Parenthood in Stamford, CT Planned Parenthood, Nickki Colodny, M.D. - Nikki Colodny, M.D., profile - "Morgentaler Arrested on Abortion Charges" - Ottawa Citizen archives, Sept. 24, 1986 Coop "Redeye" Show - includes interview with Nikki Colodny, Carolyn Egan and Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics - City of Vancouver archives, 1987 "Across Canada: Alberta: Colodny's cold welcome" - May 18, 1987 "The Morgentaler Decision - A Struggle for Abortion Rights" - includes abortion activism history of Nikki Colodny "Factors associated with immediate abortion complications," - article co-authored by Nikki Colodny New Pro-choice Doctor Steps Forward

Surgery: Yes

Medication: No




Application for medical license in Connecticut.

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