Sabrina N. Wyatt

Abortion Mill

Directs the abortion training "family planning" curriculum at UAB. Also works at UAB hospital, which performs some abortions.

Medical School

University of Alabama School of Medicine, 2004

Phone Number


1700 6th Ave S, Rm 5329

Birmingham, AL 35233

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Other info

State of AZ, license verification (expired) - Sabrina Noel Wyatt State of AL, license verification - Sabrina Noel Wyatt Faculty contact listings, UAB Division of Women's Reproductive Health - Sabrina Wyatt, MD UAB (special topics), family planning and abortion course - Dr. Sabrina Wyatt, professor UAB profile - Assistant Professor Sabrina N. Wyatt, MD UAB Ob/Gyn staff profiles -  "Meet the Doctors" UAB Family Planning Curriculum, May 2014 - Includes abortion training; Sabrina Wyatt is program director.  See page 3. UAB Family Planning Dept., includes abortion training for residents - Sabrina Wyatt is program director. Contact Us - UAB Ob/Gyn residency program Univ. of Alabama hospital using tax dollars for abortions University Hospital (UAB) performs 21 abortions - Alabama Health Dept. Statistics 2012 Abortion Procedures by Facility - Alabama Health Dept. 2012, profile - Sabrina Wyatt listed at UAB hospital and Women and Infants Hospital Maricopa Ob/Gyn, physician profile - Sabrina Wyatt, MD (former AZ office), education and credentials - Sabrina Wyatt, MD, profile - Sabrina Wyatt, MD (previous AZ addresses, current AL addresses) - Sabrina N. Wyatt, MD

Surgery: Yes

Medication: No




Misc Documents

UAB Family Planning Curriculum, May 2014

Curriculum handbook from UAB (University of Alabama Birmingham) family planning website, May 2014. Abortion training for medical residents includes suction abortion, D&C abortion, and D&E abortion. Dr. Sabrina Wyatt is director. See page 3.

Induced Terminations of Pregnancy by Facility and Termination Procedure, 2012

Alabama Dept. of Health 2012 statistics, showing abortion types listed by facility. Note 21 abortions performed at University Hospital (UAB).

Induced Terminations of Pregnancy by Gestational Age, 2012

Alabama Health Dept. 2012 statistics, listing abortions by facility and gestational age (postfertilization age). Note 21 abortions at University Hospital (UAB.)