Sarah E. McNeil

Abortion Mill

Southwestern Women's Surgery Center
Serves as 'TEACH' Leadership Fellow for the abortion curriculum program at Univ. of California San Francisco. Also teaches medical residents at Planned Parenthood.

Medical School

Dartmouth Medical School, 2009

Phone Number



8616 Greenville Ave, Ste 101

Dallas, TX 75243

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State of CA, license verification - Sarah Ellen McNeil (search by name in main menu) Berkeley abortion doctor enjoys aborting fetuses - "It's the best part of my week"  (see Sarah McNeil, MD quote) 2013 Colloquium, poster presentation #25 - abortion training results by Sarah McNeil (see page 5) USA Today, letter to the editor - Sarah McNeil, MD Abortionist Sarah McNeil opposes abortion safety regulations in TX TEACH: Training in Abortion for Comprehensive Healthcare - Sarah McNeil, Leadership Fellow profile TEACH - abortion training mission and goals TEACH progroam 2012, "Early Abortion Training Workbook" - Sarah McNeil, MD, collaborative abortion trainer (see page 5) Association of Reproductive Health Professionals - Sarah McNeil membership listing AAFP 2014 Advocacy Conference - Sarah McNeil, other doctors oppose abortion regulations.  See pages 2 and 7. NPI number - Sarah Ellen McNeil, education and credentials - Sarah McNeil, MD - Note Planned Parenthood listing - Sarah McNeil, MD, profile - Dr. Sarah McNeil Contra Costa Health Services, physician profile - Dr. Sarah McNeil teaches residents at Planned Parenthood Sarah E. McNeil serves as 'TEACH' Leadership Fellow for the abortion curriculum program at Univ. of California San Francisco. She also teaches medical residents at Planned Parenthood.

Surgery: Yes

Medication: No




CA medical license application file for Sarah McNeil.

McNeil, Sarah -- Texas medical license - valid through 05-31-2020

Note practice listing at Dallas abortion clinic (Southwestern Women's Surgery Center).

Misc Documents

AAFP 2014 Advocacy Conference

Pro-abortion resolutions signed by Sarah McNeil and other pro-abortion doctors. See pages 2 and 7.

Rodnick Colloquium 5-30-2013

Dr. Sarah McNeil presents poster presentation #25, "Closing the gap between abortion training and provision: results from the CREATE program pilot." See page 5.

Early Abortion Training Workbook 2012

Abortion training curriculum workbook for "TEACH" curriculum at University of CA, San Francisco. Dr. Sarah McNeil listed as collaborative working group author. See page 5.