Baird Bardarson (DECEASED)

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Former owner and abortionist at Cedar River Clinic in Renton, WA. Retired in 1991. Deceased Oct. 28, 2010.

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State of WA, license verification (expired) - Baird Bardarson (search by name) Abortionist Bardarson retires, sells Cedar River abortion clinic to new abortion management Icelandic Club of Seattle - Abortionist Baird Bardarson photo bio (see page 12) "How may I help you? Baird Bardarson, MD: Loss of a Champion" - memorial for abortionist Baird Bardarson Baird M. Bardarson - Seattle Times obituary "Abortion: Helping People in Trouble" - Baird Bardarson touts his abortion career at Sunday afternoon worship service "Bidding Farewell to Baird" - Swedish Center bio for abortionist Baird Bardarson (see page 5) "Merton Proctor, Renton physician who died one day after his retirement" - Bardarson's abortionist buddy dies one day after retiring from abortion career Baird Bardarson (1926-2010) began his abortion career in 1970, after successfully lobbying for abortion to be legalized in Washington state.  He was one of the first practitioners of the D&E abortion method for late-term abortions.

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Misc Documents

Bardarson, Baird - Abortion speech

"Abortion: Helping people in trouble" - Abortionist Baird Bardarson touts his abortion career to congregants at Sunday afternoon worship service.

Cedar River Clinic brochure

Abortion clinic brochure from Cedar River Clinic in Renton, WA. Brochure lists abortionists Baird Bardarson, MD and Jennifer Carl, MD at former clinic location on Talbot St.

Icelandic Club - Baird Bardarson bio

Icelandic Club of Seattle, May 2009: Bio and personal history of abortionist Baird Bardarson. See page 12 in document.

Swedish Center News - Bidding farewell to Baird

Dec. 2010: Abortionist obituary for Baird Bardarson. See page 5.