Kim Beauchamp

Abortion Mill

Former abortionist at the Clinica Femenina abortion mill in Los Angeles, CA.

Medical School

Korea University College of Medicine, 1970

Phone Number


Los Angeles, CA

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Other info

State of CA, license verification (revoked) - Kim Beauchamp (search by name under main menu) State of HI, license verification (revoked) - Kim Beauchamp Abortionists in CA: Why they stopped San Fernando Valley: Doctor may lose license over botched abortion Doctor Faces Accusation of Botching an Abortion: State medical board says the Sun Valley physician attempted procedure too late in the pregnancy Medical Board of CA, disciplinary action report - Board revokes Dr. Kim Beauchamp's medical license on Sept. 19, 1997 (see page 13) - Kim Beauchamp, MD profile - Kim Beauchamp, MD - not practicing "Doctor loses license to practice in isles" - Kim Beauchamp stripped of medical license in Hawaii (see third article) "Opinion" - Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital v. Superior Court (1978) - Dr. Kim Beauchamp and hospital sued for negligence and incompetence after Beauchamp caused injuries to a patient during surgery.

Surgery: No

Medication: No


Disciplinary History

Doctor loses license to practice in isles

Honolulu Star Bulletin, 9-22-1999. Dr. Kim Beauchamp loses his medical license in Hawaii for five years, effective June 18, 1999.

CA Medical Board Action report - 1997

CA Medical Board disciplines Dr. Kim Beauchamp for falsifying a patient's medical records, gross negligence and incompetence in his treatment of a cancer patient, and unauthorized use of fictitious names in newspaper advertisments. The Board revokes Beauchamp's medical license on Sept. 19, 1997. See page 13.

Doctor may lose license over botched abortion -- Doctor faces accusation of botching an abortion

Oct. 12, 1995, L.A. Times. CA Medical Board investigates Dr. Kim Beauchamp for a botched abortion.