Bolivar M. Escobedo

Abortion Mill

Former abortionist at defunct Women's Health Center abortion mill in Cape Girardeau, MO. His medical license was revoked due to botched abortions and medical safety violations.

Medical School

San Marcos University - Lima, Peru

Phone Number


Cape Girardeau, MO

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Other info

"Dr. Escobedo has hopes to reopen center" - Southeast Missourian - Jan. 21, 1987 "Escobedo defends resumption of abortions" - Jan. 8, 1988 "New chapter written in local abortion history" - Mar. 5, 1990 -- Charges against abortionist include medical negligence, misuse of drugs "Administrative hearing under way for Escobedo" - Oct. 14, 1992 -- Healing Arts Board files 8-count complaint, may discipline doctor "Abortion doctor not to practice" - Dec. 16, 1993 -- Board revokes doctor's license after near-death of abortion patient Women's Health Ctr. of West Cty. Inc., v. Webster - Opinion, 3-21-1988 - Abortionist Bolivar Escobedo and his clinic sue Missouri over abortion legislation. See bio info on Dr. Escobedo. - Bolivar M. Escobedo, MD Women's Health Center of West County, Inc. v. Webster - Decision, 3-21-1989 - U.S. 8th Circuit Ct. of Appeals Women's Health Center of West Cty. Inc. v. Webster - Memorandum, 9-24-1987 Missouri abortionist Bolivar Escobedo performed over 50,000 abortions in fourteen years, but did not maintain hospital admitting privileges at any local hospital.  Bolivar was investigated for multiple botched abortions and violations of medical safety standards.  In 1993, the MO Board of Healing Arts revoked Bolivar's medical license for two years, after one of his patients nearly died from a botched abortion.

Surgery: No

Medication: No



Disciplinary History

New chapter written in local abortion history, 3-5-1990

Southeast Missourian, March 5, 1990. MO State Attorney General's office files formal charges against abortionist Bolivar Escobedo. Charges include misuse of drugs, operating an abortion clinic without a license, and failure to have a registered nurse, blood bank, or adequate equipment on hand during the performance of abortions.

Administrative hearing under way for Escobedo, 10-14-1992

Southeast Missourian, Oct. 14, 1992. Abortionist Bolivar Escobedo faces an 8-count complaint from the Missouri Healing Arts Board. His charges include misusing controlled drugs, performing abortions without required equipment, operating an abortion clinic without a license, and botching multiple abortions.

Abortion doctor not to practice, 12-16-1993

Southeast Missourian, Dec. 16, 1993. The MO Board of Healing Arts revokes Bolivar Escobedo's medical license for two years. The Board finds Escobedo guilty of a breach of medical standards, after the near-death of one of his botched abortion patients.

Misc Documents

Dr. Escobedo has hopes to reopen center, 1-21-1987

Southeast Missourian, Jan. 21, 1987. Abortionist Bolivar Escobedo hopes to reopen his abortion clinic. He cannot perform abortions until gaining admitting privileges at a local hospital, as required by Missouri law.

Escobedo defends resumption of abortions, 1-8-1988

Southeast Missourian, Jan. 8, 1988. Abortionist Bolivar Escobedo announces he has resumed offering abortions at his abortion clinic, despite a Missouri law which requires abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. He also joins a lawsuit against the state of MO challenging the law.

Women's Health Center of West County, Inc. v. Webster - Opinion, 3-21-1988

March 21, 1988: Judge George F. Gunn, Jr. rules against a group of abortion plaintiffs. Abortionist Bolivar Escobeda and several abortion clinics had sued the state of Missouri over legislation requiring abortion doctors to have hospital admitting privileges in Missouri. The opinion notes that Escobeda has performed 50,000 abortions in fourteen years, but does not have hospital admitting privileges at a hospital which provides ob/gyn care. Judge Gunn finds the law constitutional, and rules against the abortion providers. See Escobeda's bio info on pages 1-3.