Marion Douglas Dorn, Jr.

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Former abortionist in Charleston, SC. Disciplined for chemical dependency and alcohol addiction. Dorn's patient Yvette Poteat died after Dorn failed to diagnose her ectopic pregnancy.

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Eldorado, IL

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State of IL, license verification - Marion Douglas Dorn, Jr. (search by name) State of IL, license probation and suspension - Marion Douglas Dorn, Jr. State of IL - controlled substance license revoked - Marion Douglas Dorn, Jr. MD (search for license #33604715) IL Dept. of Professional Regulation -- Marion Douglas Dorn of Eldorado, IL - Controlled substance license revoked for allegedly diverting prescriptions of Hydrocodone to himself during a chemical dependency relapse. See page 4. Dept. of Health & Human Services federal discipline register -- Marion Douglas Dorn of Eldorado, IL - license revocation/suspension/surrender on 8-27-1997 SC Index-Journal, Aug. 9, 1998 - "State medical board disciplines doctors... The panel reinstated the license of Marion Douglas Dorn, Jr. of Goose Creek, who had abused alcohol, Valium, and other prescription drugs. He is on probation for five years." See end of OCR text. "1985: Multiple docs miss the obvious" -- Yvette Poteat dies after botched abortion by Marion D. Dorn, Jr. Poteat, Yvette - South Carolina -- see listing alphabetically - Marion D. Dorn, Jr. - Goose Creek, IL - Marion D. Dorn, Jr. - Eldorado, IL (not in practice) Twenty-six year-old Yvette Poteat died after Dr. Dorn botched her abortion by failing to diagnose her ectopic pregnancy.  After the abortion, Yvette sought hospital treatment for continuous, sharp abdominal pain, but Dorn neglected to inform the hospital that there were no fetal or placental remains in Yvette's lab specimen.  Thirteen days later, on July 29, 1985, Yvette collapsed from cardiac arrest following her ruptured ectopic pregnancy. The court awarded Yvette's mother a $23,000 malpractice judgement for her daughter's death. Dorn was disciplined in both SC and IL for chemical dependency. The South Carolina Medical Board placed Dorn on probation for five years. Dorn also lost his controlled substance license in Illinois after writing himself prescriptions for addictive hydrocodone, and abusing alcohol and other prescription drugs.

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Disciplinary History

IL Dept. of Professional Regulation - Disciplinary actions

Dec. 1996: Marion Douglas Dorn of Eldorado, IL -- Controlled substance license revoked after allegedly diverting prescriptions for Hydrocodone to himself during a relapse of chemical dependency.