Katherine Boyd

Abortion Mill

Summit Medical Center (Detroit)

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15801 W McNichols Rd

Detroit, MI 48235

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Former abortionist at: Eastland Women's Clinic

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes




Disciplinary History

Malpractice History

2017-04-10 Kita v. St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital & Katherine Boyd - COMPLAINT

Patient Mary Ann Kita sues Dr. Katherine Boyd and St. John hospital for permanently injuring her during a botched hysterectomy. Dr. Boyd used the incorrect type of surgery to operate on Mary Ann Kita. Dr. Boyd lacerated Ms. Kita's bladder and ureter during the botched procedure. The injuries to the patient's ureter and bladder were irreparable. Ms. Kita had to undergo multiple subsequent surgeries, & she has endured severe pain and is now completely incontinent. See description on pages 2-4.