Andrea Chiavarini

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Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes




Chiavarini KS License Profile

Note: This lists "Cancellation Date" as 7/31/2018. "Renewal Date" is left blank.

Oklahoma medical license - Andrea Harrell Chiavarini -- valid through 08-01-2019 - at abortion clinics

Practice listings at Trust Women abortion clinics in Oklahoma City, Wichita, and Seattle.

Malpractice History

Chiavarini, Andrea -- Oregon medical license - malpractice claims

Andrea Chiavarini has one or more closed malpractice claims on file in Oregon.

License Restrictions


Kansas Board of Healing Arts has approved Chiavarini's medical license with monitoring. Reasons for the need to monitor have been redacted by the KSBHA.

Misc Documents

Trust Women (Wichita, KS) -- Updated 24-hour consent form - abortionist Andrea Chiavarini, MD

Wichita abortion clinic consent form. Abortionist Andrea Chiavarini is listed on page 1 & 5.

Women fear for their safety and loss of rights if US abortion laws change -- SkyNews

2018 article featuring traveling abortionist Andrea Chiavarini.