Ashlee Beth Bergin

Abortion Mill

EMW Women's Surgical Center

Medical School

George Washington University School of Medicine (2006)

Phone Number

(312) 356-0456


401 East Chestnut Street Ste 410

Louisville, KY 40202

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Other info

Also works at Women's Health at UofL Physicians Outpatient Center. Listed as a plaintiff in federal court case EMW Women's Surgical Center, et al v. Andrew Beshear, et al 3:17-cv-00016. This case challenged HB2, an abortion safety law.

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes



Misc Documents

Ashlee Bergin

UofL profile page describing education and specialities.

Judgement - HB2 Enjoined from Enforcement

Bergin was plaintiff with EMW Women's Surgical Center in this federal court case.