Elizabeth O. Purcell aka "Lisa" Purcell

Abortion Mill

Hartford GYN Center

Medical School

Drexel University College of Medicine, 2008

Phone Number


1 Main St. #N1

Hartford, CT 06106

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NOTE:  The Hartford Gyn Center abortion clinic lists "Lisa Purcell, MD" as a physician on their clinic staffing chart (see below).  However, the State of CT medical license database does not include anyone by the name "Lisa Purcell."  Instead, the database lists "Elizabeth O. Purcell, MD" as the ONLY female doctor named "Purcell" in the entire state of CT (see license documents below).  "Lisa" Purcell appears to be an alias/nickname for Elizabeth O. Purcell, MD.

Surgery: Yes

Medication: Yes




Elizabeth O. Purcell -- Connecticut profile

Connecticut medical license profile summary for Elizabeth O. Purcell, MD.

Purcell Connecticut license 2019

Connecticut medical license profile for Elizabeth O. Purcell, MD, valid through 2-28-2019.

Purcell - Connecticut medical & controlled substance licenses

Connecticut medical license and controlled substance license for Elizabeth O. Purcell, MD.

"Purcell" doctors list in CT -- includes Elizabeth O. Purcell, MD (no "Lisa" Purcell)

List of ALL medical doctors in Connecticut with last name "Purcell." Note "Elizabeth O. Purcell" is the only female doctor named Purcell. Therefore, "Lisa" Purcell is not a legal name for any registered MD or DO in Connecticut.

Misc Documents

Hartford Gyn Center (CT) -- Staffing Chart (Elizabeth Purcell aka "Lisa" Purcell)

Staffing Chart for Hartford Gyn Center abortion clinic. Doctor's list includes "Lisa Purcell, MD," and others. Note: "Lisa Purcell" is not a registered doctor's name in the state of CT. The only female doctor in CT named Purcell is "Elizabeth O. Purcell, MD." See license info above.

WomensHealthCT.com -- Elizabeth Purcell bio

Photo bio for Elizabeth Purcell, MD.