West Alabama Women's Center


Louis Thomason Payne

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535 Jack Warner Pkwy. NE, # I

Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

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Abortion Nurse Assaults Pro-Lifer - May 2014 "Alabama Abortion Clinics Inspected" - state Health Dept. finds deficiencies, unsanitary conditions at Tuscaloosa clinic, other locations Report: Body of Unborn Baby Possibly Found in Tuscaloosa Sewer Childpredators.com transcript - clinic staff ignores statutory rape, offers pregnancy test to 13-year-old with 22-year-old "boyfriend," says her parents don't have to know Bama Students for Life - exposing the Alabama abortion industry Old phone: 205-556-2026

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Misc Documents

West Alabama Womens - Deficiency Report - Nov 12, 2009

Clinic staff failed to observe infection control protocol, and failed to dispose of expired medical supplies.

West Alabama Womens - Deficiency Report - Oct 28, 2010

The Statement of Deficiencies reveals that the clinic failed to have documented physician orders and records of who administered patient medication.

West Alabama Womens - Deficiency Report - Jul 26, 2011

This report shows that the clinic failed to abide by their policy for gestational age limitations.

West Alabama Women's Center - Deficiency Report - Jan 11, 2013

Alabama Health Dept. finds W. Alabama Women's Center to be in violation of multiple health, sanitation, and safety regulations. These included basic sterility safeguards such as washing hands, using gloves, cleaning medical supplies, etc.

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Inspection report noted important information was omitted from numerous abortion patient files, medications were expired or "degraded." Disinfection solution expired.