Colorado Springs Westside-Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mtns.


Andrew Jordan Ross
Christie Lee Engel
Jennifer Linhorst
Kristina M. Tocce
Margaret P. Maeder
Savita Ginde

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3480 Centennial Blvd

Colorado Springs, CO 80907

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Pro-Life Groups Condemn Violence at Colorado Planned Parenthood, Pray for Safety Planned Parenthood, worse than Penn State Death from Abortion Pill in Colorado Springs Colorado Planned Parenthood Clinics Not Regulated By Standard State Health and Medical Guidelines "Planned Parenthood Clinic Faces Lawsuit Claiming Negligence, Battery" - patient sues Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains after forced botched abortion with no anesthesia Planned Parenthood doctor accused of forcing abortion Complaint and Jury Demand, Feb 6, 2013 -- Botched abortion patient Ayanna Byer files a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood abortion clinic and abortionist "John Doe, MD," alleging she was forced to have an abortion. Allegations include negligence, battery, uninformed consent, and false imprisonment. Clinic closed as of Dec. 2015; re-opened in 2016.

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PP of the Rocky Mountains - Complaint and Jury Demand - Ayanna Byer v. John Doe, MD. and Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, 2-6-2013

Botched abortion patient Ayanna Byer files a lawsuit against abortionist "John Doe, MD" and Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. Byer alleges that during her appointment she changed her mind about the abortion, but was forced to continue her abortion. Despite Byer's protests, the abortionist performed a botched, 7-minute vacuum abortion, with no anesthetic. After experiencing pain and bleeding for two days, Byer was hospitalized for an emergency D&C to remove fetal parts from her infected uterus. Allegations include battery, negligence, uninformed consent, and false imprisonment. See pages 2-8.