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Caitlin C. Burton
Reid Goodman
Savita Ginde

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7155 E 38th Ave

Denver, CO 80207

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Botched Abortion: Bleeding Woman Rushed to Hospital from Planned Parenthood in Denver, Aug. 15, 2016 Medical Emergency at Colorado Planned Parenthood - Oct 26, 2012 The many masks of abortionist Reid Goodman PP Faces Lawsuit in Child Rape and Abortion Scandal

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PPDenver - Ambulance - Oct 26, 2012 PPDenver - Firetruck - Oct 26, 2012 PPDenverCO - TrashMan PPDenverCO - ShreddingTruck3 PPDenverCO - FrontDoor_TrashMan PPDenverCO - ShreddingTruck2 PPDenverCO - ShreddingTruck PPDenverCO - SecurityGuard PPDenverStapleton



Documented Death or Injury


August 13, 2016: Abortion patient suffered heavy vaginal bleeding after "procedure." Required emergency transport to ER.

PP Denver - 911 CAD Transcript - Mar 5, 2013

Ambulance transport requested for patient experiencing severe abdominal following an abortion procedure.

PP Denver - 911 CAD Transcript - Oct 26, 2012

The CAD Transcript indicates that a woman was transported from Planned Parenthood using Code 2, which denotes a serious, but not immediately life-threatening condition. The transcript used medical codes that indicated the woman suffered a severe hemorrhage related to an ectopic pregnancy.

Misc Documents

Cary Smith v. Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood 06202014

Filed June 20, 2014: Smith accuses PP of not reporting her 13-year old daughter's rape after the rapist took her to PP for an abortion to cover his crimes.