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Gabrielle Goodrick

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4141 N. 32nd Street, #105

Phoenix, AZ 85018

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Arizona Medical Board restricts Phoenix Abortionist Gabrielle Goodrick's license

Medication: Yes




Disciplinary History

ReportCitations - Camelback Family Planning 7-2016

July 2016 statement of deficiencies/failed inspection report with plan of correction. Failed to properly document employee qualifications and other records; failure to ensure physician conducts physical examination prior to abortion; failure to keep equipment and supplies clean and sterile.

License Restrictions

Abortionist Gabrielle Goodrick - Order for Probation with Practice Restriction, AZ Medical Board - 2-9-2011

AZ Medical Board, "Order for Probation with Practice Restriction," Feb. 9, 2011: Abortionist Gabrielle Goodrick placed on probation for five years, after undergoing residential treatment for substance abuse. Board issued restrictions include: Goodrick required to attend relapse prevention group therapy sessions, required to submit to biological fluids collection, prohibited from taking self-prescribed medication, prohibited from consuming alcohol or poppy seeds, and prohibited from maintaining, administering, or using opioid drugs in her office practice.

Misc Documents

Camelback Family Planning - Gabrielle Goodrick - Consent form for medical abortion

Patient consent form for Mifeprex and Misoprostol medical abortions.

Camelback Family Planning - Gabrielle Goodrick - Consent form for surgical abortion

Preoperative patient consent form for surgical abortions.