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"From Open Schools to Sex Ed" -- Note that Planned Parenthood of New Haven formerly was located at 50 Fitch St. Ezra Stiles College, campus resource list. Note old address listing for Planned Parenthood at 50 Fitch St. phone call transcript, 2011 -- Caller poses as statutory rape victim, clinic promises cover-up. Planned Parenthood of CT -- Former address listing at 50 Fitch St., New Haven, 06515 Taxpayers paid for intact human fetal brains from StemExpress -- FreeBeacon, 11-5-2015 Taxpayers are paying for human fetal brains from StemExpress: Report -- theBlaze, 11-5-2015 Dr. Nada Zecevic at the University of Connecticut bargained for aborted fetal "specimens" from Planned Parenthood of Southern New England, to conduct her fetal tissue experiments.  Zecevic purchased numerous shipments of aborted fetal brain tissue and other fetal "specimens" from StemExpress, a go-between corporation which sourced aborted baby parts from abortion clinics.  See documents, correspondence, and invoices below.  

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Misc Documents

Zecevic - Copy of FOI-Tissue-Purchases1

Spreadsheet showing fetal tissue purchases and pricing.

Zecevic at unconn using human brain tissue

Document details Dr. Zecevic at the University of CT using fetal brain tissue for experiments.

Professor Nana Zecevic photo - University of CT

Zecevic does aborted fetal brain research at the University of CT.

Zecevic, Nada - LinkedIn profile

Nada Zecevic is Associate Professor at University of Connecticut Medical School.

UCONN faculty directory profile - Nada Zecevic, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Neuroscience

Note: Dr. Zecevic received her M.D. from the University of Belgrade in Serbia. She is not a licensed physician in the United States.

2015-10-27 Stem Express letter to Dr. Zecevic regarding fetal brain specimens

Stem Express tells Dr. Zecevic, "we could defiantly [sic] provide you with fetal brain specimens."

2011-06-21 Planned-Parenthood of Southern New England responds to fetal specimen request

Planned Parenthood of Southern New England responds to a request for aborted fetal "specimens" from Dr. Nada Zecevic.

New Haven Planned Parenthood - transcript

2011 phone call transcript. Clinic staffer ignores statutory rape, promises 13-year-old caller a secret abortion. Staff member says they won't tell anyone that the caller's 22-year-old boyfriend got her pregnant. Note former Planned Parenthood location at 50 Fitch St. in New Haven, CT.

2015 Form 990 -- PP of Southern New England CT Inc

Planned Parenthood of Southern New England Inc -- State: CT -- Net Assets: $32,061,391 -- Gross Revenue: $34,421,567 -- Net Revenue: $3,257,139 -- Key Worker 1: Sarah Whelan (Clinician) -- Key Worker 1 Compensation: $125,969

2014 Form 990-EZ -- PP Votes RI

Planned Parenthood Votes RI -- State: CT -- Net Assets: $27,663 -- Gross Revenue: $116,444 -- Net Revenue: $-217

2014 Form 990-EZ -- PP Votes CT

Planned Parenthood Votes Connecticut -- State: CT -- Net Assets: $64,693 -- Gross Revenue: $153,987 -- Net Revenue: $37,036

Documents shed light on tissue procurement process for medical research -, 11-05-2015

Original article contains links to additional documents and correspondence detailing the human fetal brain purchases.

Zecevic - Stemexpress correspondence & invoices

Emails and invoices between StemExpress and Dr. Nada Zecevic. Zecevic purchased fetal brain tissue to use for experimentation at the University of CT. Consent forms indicate StemExpress used "Planned Parenthood Mar Monte" (at 1691 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126) as a provider of aborted fetal tissue. See pages 17-19 for consent form info. See pages 31-38 for billable invoices for human fetal brains, etc.