Women's OB/GYN of Countryside


Darwin C. Jackson
Fernando Betancourt
Malcolm W. Jones

Phone Number



28960 US Highway 19 N., Suite 110

Clearwater, FL 33761

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Other info

Former abortionist: Dr. Banks (male)

Medication: Yes




Women's Ob-Gyn Center Of Countryside -- 2016 Florida abortion clinic license

Fernando Betancourt is Medical Director; see page 5.

Misc Documents

deficiencies report feb 2018

Failure to ensure that emergency equipment was maintained with adequate supplies capable of providing service. Failure to ensure staff adhered to written policies and procedures for post-operative care. Failure to ensure clinical records were complete and accurately documented.

deficiencies report jan 2017

Failure to ensure all medications in emergency box were not expired. Failure to review policy and procedures. Failure to ensure all supplies were within the manufacturer's direction for safe use. The facility did not have a registered nurse on staff for recovering patients post procedures