A Woman's World Medical Center


Candace Dye (Owner/Administrator)
Harvey Craig Roth

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503 S. 12th St.

Fort Pierce, FL 34950

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Clinic Had Woman Drive Home After Abortion, Hemorrhaging on Sidewalk A Woman's World Medical Center - AbortionWiki profile page Lotierzo v. A Woman's World - Sidewalk counselors file suit against abortion clinic alleging clinic staff engaged in harassment, death threats (see docket link for details)

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A Woman's World Medical Center (Fort Pierce, FL) -- 2014-07-18 Florida Abortion Clinic license renewal

Harvey C. Roth does second-trimester abortions at this clinic. See page 5.

Disciplinary History

Final Order and $4,000 Fine for Failure to Maintain Minimum Requirements for Patients, Physicians, Equipment, Protocol - Aug 31, 2012

Failure to Meet Minimum Requirements During Relicensure Survey, Failure to Maintain Patient Monitoring Equipment, Failure to Ensure Physician Present for Ultrasound, Failure to Follow Precautions for Establishment of IV Access

Final Order and $500 Fine - Dec 13, 2010

Failure to Provide Orientation, Job Descriptions, and Training Regarding Confidentiality

Misc Documents

BehindtheDoor: Part 1

Part 1 of article about deficiencies at A Woman's World Medical Center

Deficiency Report - June 30, 2014

Patient monitoring, anesthesia equipment, and surgical equipment is not being properly maintained and is found out of date. Clinic personnel is not being properly trained for medical procedures, confidentiality, hygiene, infection control, and emergency protocol. No written policies and protocol regarding patient care, treatment, emergencies, etc.

Deficiency Report - Nov 17, 2011

Florida Agency for Health Care Administration issues deficiency report to abortion clinic after state license survey.

Deficiency Report - Sep 27, 2010

This report shows that the clinic was deficient in ensuring proper training for its personnel.

Deficiency Report - Aug 10, 2010

The report revealed that the clinic did not have a private counseling room as required, nor did it properly maintain equipment. Inspectors also noted insufficient personnel records and training, and failure to ensure appropriate monitoring for patients.

Deficiency Report - Oct 7, 2009

The survey revealed that the clinic did not have sterile suturing supplies, emergency medical equipment, or crash cart; and further, had no written policies for cleaning equipment, ensuring quality of patient care, or administering anesthesia.