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Former clinic abortionist: Darwin Jackson Former clinic abortionist: Jodell Allen Clinic, Doctors Sued in Abortion Case  

Administrator: KATHLEEN OLSON

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Deficiencies Cited - Apr 2015

Laboratory Equipment and Supplies. (a) All equipment and supplies for the collection, storage, and testing of specimens shall meet the provisions of Rule 59A-7 F.A.C., and shall be maintained according to manufacturer ' s instructions and in a manner that ensures accurate test results. (b) Temperature controlled spaces for the storage of specimens or testing supplies shall be monitored and recorded to ensure that the proper storage temperature is maintained. (c) All dated supplies and materials shall not be used beyond their expiration date. (d) Adequate facilities and supplies for the collection, storage and transportation of laboratory specimens shall be available on site. Chapter 59A-9.025(3), F.A.C. Laboratory Services. (a) Laboratory services shall be provided on-site or through arrangement with a laboratory that holds the appropriate federal Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certificate and state of Florida clinical laboratory license issued pursuant to Chapter 483, Part I, F.S. (b) All laboratory services provided on-site shall be performed in compliance with state of Florida clinical laboratory licensure and federal CLIA provisions. Rh factor. Rh testing for Rh negative patients shall be conducted, unless reliable written documentation of blood type is available. All laboratory test reports shall be placed in the patient ' s medical record. All laboratory test and storage areas, records and reports shall be available for inspection by the agency. If a person who is not a physician performs an ultrasound examination, that person shall have documented evidence that he or she has completed a course in the operation of ultrasound equipment. The physician, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, advanced registered nurse practitioner, or physician assistant shall, at the request of the patient and before the abortion procedure is performed, review the ultrasound evaluation results with the patient, including an estimate of the probable gestational age of the fetus. A test for anemia shall be performed. Chapter 59A-9.025(2), (4), (5), (6), (7), and (8) F.A.C. An abortion clinic providing second trimester abortions shall have written policies and procedures to implement policies and to assure that quality patient care shall relate specifically to the functional activities of clinic services. These written procedures shall apply to second trimester abortions and shall be available and accessible to clinic personnel and shall be reviewed and approved annually by the clinic's medical director. These clinic policies and procedures shall include but not be limited to the following: (1) Patient admission; (2) Pre- and post-operative care; (3) Physician ' s orders; (4) Standing orders with required signatures; (5) Medications, storage and administration; (6) Treatments; (7) Surgical asepsis; (8) Medial asepsis; (9) Sterilization and disinfection; (10) Documentation: Medical records and facility records; (11) Patient discharge; (12) Patient transfer; (13) Emergency measures; (14) Incident reports; (15) Personnel orientation; (16) Inservice education record; (17) Anesthesia; (18) Equipment and supplies: availability and maintenance; (19) Volunteers; and (20) Visitors. Chapter 59A-9.024, F.A.C. A permanent individual clinical record shall be kept on each clinic patient. Clinical records shall be complete, accurately documented, and systematically organized to facilitate storage and retrieval. (a) Clinical records shall be complete, accurately documented, and systematically organized to facilitate storage and retrieval. (b) Clinical records involving second trimester abortion procedures shall be kept confidential and secure. (c) Operative reports signed by the physician performing the second trimester abortion shall be recorded in the clinical record immediately following the procedure or that an operative progress note is entered in the clinical record to provide pertinent information. Chapter 59A-9.031(1), F.A.C.

Deficiencies Cited - Jun 2010

Orientation. Each facility shall have and execute a written orientation program to familiarize each new staff member, including volunteers, with the facility and its policies and procedures, to include, at a minimum, fire safety and other safety measures, medical emergencies, and infection control. In-service Training. In-service training programs shall be planned and provided for all employees including full time, part time and contract employees, at the beginning of employment and at least annually thereafter and will also apply to all volunteers to insure and maintain their understanding of their duties and responsibilities. Records shall be maintained to reflect program content and individual attendance. The following training shall be provided at least annually, and for surgical assistants and volunteers, must include training in counseling, patient advocacy and specific responsibilities associated with the services they provide: (a) Infection control, to include at a minimum, universal precautions against blood-borne diseases, general sanitation, personal hygiene such as hand washing, use of masks and gloves, and instruction to staff if there is a likelihood of transmitting a disease to patients or other staff members. (b) Fire protection, to include evacuating patients, proper use of fire extinguishers, and procedures for reporting fires; (c) Confidentiality of patient information and records, and protecting patient rights; (d) Licensing regulations; and (e) Incident reporting. Chapter 59A-9.023,(4) and (5), F.A.C.